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    Default "Picture Quality" Dipes or Covers

    Not sure how to word the title.

    I remember I while ago (couple months maybe?) someone posted a link to a brand that had just been restocked (I know it's a popular site, but I can't think of it). It was gorgeous plush covers (maybe they were AIOs? don't remember), really pretty. I can't for the life of me find that post, but I really want a cute cover or dipe (doesn't really matter) for DD's pics next month (and the pic will possibly be used for the Christmas card, so I want super cute!)

    I also remember a LONG time ago seeing a pic of someone's DC in a cover that looked like it had a tail? (I'm seeing green, maybe like a dinosaur or something?)

    Sorry, but mommy brain is REALLY bad right now, and I'm trying to get things together for this photo session, since I know I'll be too busy later on this month to worry about it.

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    Default RE: "Picture Quality" Dipes or Covers

    Hey Heather,

    I posted a pic of Linnea in a green puppy dog diaper from starbunz. I think that's what you are remembering. We love it although it's not very practical not that it's cold out. The tail and ears kinda get in the way, lol. Berryplush also makes cute AIOs and diaper covers. What size you you need? I have a couple I was thinking about selling anyway. Email me if you want more info or pics.

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    Default RE: "Picture Quality" Dipes or Covers

    I think you are thinking of SnapEZ's ExotixZ line. maybe email her to see when she will stock again?

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    Default RE: "Picture Quality" Dipes or Covers

    Look at this site they do custom covers.
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