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Thread: Due Dates 2003

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    Default Due Dates 2003

    Neve, since you've got a little guy who needs more attention, do you mind if I set this up? I'll post the link to the other calendar that you so magnificently put together:

    I'll post replies with the months for others to reply to and add their due dates (I won't do it to avoid a bazillion pics of Ainsleigh on this page). I'll stick 2004 in its own thread, to avoid it getting too huge for dial-up users to access.

    So what babies are on the way?!

    edited for clarity...

    edited to add pregnancy-buddy info (this is OPTIONAL!:)):

    The main thought was that parent-to-be could keep their buddy updated re: their progess so the parent-to-be wouldn't be bombarded with questions from lots of different people. The buddy could post any updates or initial arrival news. I'm not taking credit for it, but I think it's a great idea and have a suggestion on implementing it if this is something we want to do.

    We could piggy-back the due date calendar:

    1. When adding your post to the calendar, indicate if you would like to have a pregnancy/adoption/due date buddy.

    2. If you are interested in being someone's pregnancy/adoption/due date buddy, send them an e-mail introducing yourself and indicate this is something you would like to do for them.

    3. If the parent-to-be has heard from someone that they would like to be their buddy, update your post in the calendar and indicate who your buddy is.

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    Default April 2003

    April 2003

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    Default May 2003

    May 2003

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    Default June 2003

    June 2003

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    Default July 2003

    July 2003

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    Default August 2003

    August 2003

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    Default September 2003

    September 2003

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    Default October 2003

    October 2003

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    Default November 2003

    November 2003

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    Default December 2003

    December 2003

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