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Thread: Due Dates 2003

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    todzwife Guest

    Default RE: October 24: Baby Girl #2 to Rachel (atlbaby)

    Hmmm I thought I put mine in here. :)
    It's a boy!

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    wadek71 Guest

    Default October 25th

    My wife and I adopted our daughter Paige in early March, two days after hearing the heartbeat of our son, J.D., who is due October 25th.

    Paige was our first child and we adopted her locally on our own without an agency. JD is our 7th pregnancy and the first pregnancy to make it past 3 weeks. Mommy and JD are doing great. Paige and JD will be roughly 7 1/2 months apart.

    Life as we knew has ceased to exist (LOL) and about to get even crazier.

    These are also the first grandchildren.

    Wade and Jeanne

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    pritchettzoo Guest

    Default RE: September 2003

    We are anxiously awaiting our "Peanut" in September!

    Anna & Bryan
    #1(DD) EDD 9/10/03

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