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    todzwife Guest

    Default Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    After a difficult but relatively short labor and delivery on October 8, 2003 Dallin arrived into this world...peeing on everyone in his path! LOL!
    My water broke at exactly midnight. We drove 45 minutes to the hospital and unfortunately I was only dialated to a 1. I had to wait for my epidural. After a couple of hours the back labor was so intense I was given Nuban, but it didn't do anything except make me incoherant. I stood in the shower fighting to keep my head up for another hour while the anastesiologist was called. I don't really remember the epidural, but I know it helped because I was able to sleep. I was checked a few hours later and was at a 9. 15 minutes later Dallin's head was crowning, but my pushing was "ineffective" so they decided to turn my epidural off. I knew he was posterier and kept telling the nurses he was stuck and I needed help, but they just said I didn't know how to push. After 2 more hours I called the murse at the front desk in horrible pain (no more epidural)and told her I needed to get him out NOW. She came in and was shocked to ind his head RIGHT THERE. It had been there for hours. She had me push on my hands and knees for a couple of minutes and called the OB. The OB put a vacuum on Dallin's head and I pushed for 5 minutes and he was out. I was mad they didn't listen to me earlier. All I needed was the vacuum!!! Anyway, I had a second degree tear, but it could have been worse. He was born at 11:40 AM. He is such a good boy and we are so happy that he is finally here!
    Dallin Todd 10-08-03
    7 pounds
    19 1/2 inches

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    jojo2324 Guest

    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Congrats Shandelle!! I'm sorry you had such a rough time with the hospital staff...But so happy you have that wonderful little boy with right now!!

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    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Congratulations, Shandelle!!!

    I had a similar experience with my "nurse" - she wouldn't even get the doctor until I had pushed for two hours, but I could tell that something wasn't going right! And even though they said my epidural was still going, I knew it had worn off. But, finally, after 2.5 hours and FORCEPS, Colin arrived. So know that you aren't alone - they pull that stuff all the time!
    Single mom to

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    amp Guest

    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    I already said so in your other post announcing Dallin, but again, a hearty congratulations to you and your DH and welcome to Dallin!

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    liya Guest

    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    WOOHOO!!!!! Pictures pls im dying to see that butt in a CD...:)

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    sugarsnappea Guest

    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Congrats on your new baby! :)

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    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Ooooh Shandelle, I've been waiting for the birth story!!

    I'm sorry that the hospital staff didn't listen to you. Poor thing, but I know that you are having a wonderful time with your little angel.


    Proud Mommy to Martie 4/6/03

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    newbelly2002 Guest

    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Congrats! Sounds like a bit of a haul, but things are going well now, no? Welcome to the world baby Dallin!

    Mama to Dante, 8/1/02

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    peanut4us Guest

    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Congrats, I'm so happy for you. Now the real fun begins :)

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    Default RE: Introducing Dallin Todd :)

    Congratulations!!! So looking forward to pics and hearing about Dallin now that he's actually here...welcome to Mommyhood!!!


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