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    kkb99 Guest

    Default Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    I have the BB, and in the past had a cheap FP thing, but that's it. I only want to get one sling type carrier for now, at least until I find out if it works for me and I like using it. Then maybe expand and start a collection as many of you have! So would the Zolo be a good one for a newborn to get me addicted to carriers? Or the KKFP? Would love to be able to BF in it, which I understand is difficult with any, but sounds like it is more so with the pouch? And how do you decide what color to get? Was a little disappointed that the Zolo cotton ones were a little boring, and really love the silk fabrics, but feel like I should not spend that much on something I don't even know if I'll like (plus I could get a cotton Zolo and a KKFP for the price of one Zolo silk!). Thought the silk would be a great treat for me later, maybe xmas or bday, if I loved them (carriers)!

    Anyway, this is pretty similar to my previous questions, guess I just want some final reassurance before I order! I really want to love this thing- and would really like DH to love it too! So thanks for humoring me!


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    toomanystrollers Guest

    Default RE: Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    Hi Kristen,
    I have both - and love them. The KK AFP is super comfortable and very easy to use, so if I could only have one - I would go with that. Like I mentioned in a prev. post, I have yet to nurse w/dd in the pouch b/c I wear the pouch on its tightest setting.

    But like you mentioned, you could get the cotton zolo (I have the red) and the pouch for the price of a silk zolo ;)

    Get the pouch first, and wait to see if Darien runs any sales towards the holiday. I would go to the zolo site and sign up for her email list.


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    kkb99 Guest

    Default RE: Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    Thanks for the input! Feel like I need my hand held here I guess....

    Two questions: Most of the great things I've read are about the KK fleece pouch, but I would prefer to get the adjustable one to make for a good fit (I am pretty short and overweight, and most things don't fit me well unless altererd or adjusted). Just wanted to make sure all the good things about the non-adj one were still valid in the adjustable one.

    Also, for my curiosity: when do you choose to wear your zolo, and when do you choose to wear your KK AFP? Besides warm weather, that is. I used to only think a person needed one stroller.... and now I have definite times I use one of my 3 strollers in regular use.

    Thanks again for your thoughts!

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    susabusa Guest

    Default I have both the AFP and Zolowear

    I had AFP when DD was a newborn in Apri and I loved it! It was so easy to wear and it really gave me confidence to try a ring sling. I stopped using the baby carseat bucket almost immediately and would just put DD in the pouch to go to stores or take the kids to preschool. It was truly easy to use and not feel like I had to keep a hand for the babe. I was able to use both hands for the other two kids. But then it got hot. I then got a Zolowear when DD was 2 mths old. I wear that one all the time now. It is so cool to use and very easy once you get the hang of it. I wore the cotton one for 6 hours at the State Fair and although there were times my shoulder was fatigued, it didn't hurt and my muscles weren't sore the next day. I like the AFP for the security it provides, because it is a complete pouch I can do housework really easily in it, because even when I'm bent over and baby is hanging down like a hammock, she is still in there and secure. In the spring before it was hot I would weed my gardens with her in there. However, I found it very difficult to BF with it on. I should try it again, now that DD is older and better at self-service. The Zolo is very easy to BF in for me and is totally hands free and discreet.


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    Default RE: Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    The KK Fleece Pouch is adjustable. It comes with several rows of snaps and you can make it smaller or larger before you put it on.

    I used the KKAFP when she was a newborn because it was so easy to just slip her in there without fiddling with rings. Now, I only use it at home and I use the Zolo everywhere else, pretty much.

    By the way, the red cotton Zolo is not plain and boring. :)

    If you are only going to get one, get the Zolo. If you think you will be intimidated by a ring sling, get the KKAFP. If you know you will want more than one, get the KKAFP first and get the Zolo later.

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    kkb99 Guest

    Default RE: Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    OK, thanks for the clarification. I see now that there is just one KK fleece pouch, the adjustable one, somehow I had thought there was an adj one and a non-adj one. Don't know where I got that....

    I want to insert here, too before I hurt anyone's feelings, that I should not have said the cotton zolo's colors were boring!! I had just been looking at the German Didymos ones and the silk zolos, and in comparison to those, the cotton zolos are less striking (maybe that's a better way to put it???). :)

    Oh, and thanks for telling me about the red one- didn't notice the red part behind the mustard colored part in the little thumbnail picture.

    Thanks for the recommendations! What color KK AFP did you guys get ? First I have to debate the type, now the color... will I ever get one of these ordered??;)


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    Calmegja Guest

    Default RE: Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    The KK fleece pouch only comes in an adjustable style, so you would absolutely be able to get a great fit. I personally, don't like non-adjustable slings. I have one non-adjustable sling, and it's quite well made, but it's not my favorite.

    I completely agree that the AFP is the top choice, but I would strongly think about a cotton Zolo and a fleece pouch. I have said before, and I mean it completely, that with a Zolo and a fleece pouch, a person could carry any sort of young baby/child anywhere.

    I wear my fleece pouches pretty much continuously throughour the fall and spring, and my Zolos in the summer. I will still use my Zolos come fall and winter, but the AFP is easy for me to wear under my coat, and to always have on, so it gets used more often during that time period.

    And sometimes I'll just feel like one or the other, so that's what I'll do.... ;-)

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    Calmegja Guest

    Default RE: Would a cotton Zolo be a good choice for my only carrier for a newborn?

    I have a black pouch, a cream pouch and a bordeaux pouch.

    I think with her colors, you can't go wrong. I love all three. Just decide if you want to compliment your clothing, or contrast with it. I have the three I have because those are the color staples of my wardrobe.

    On the other hand, since I had to have three because I loved the colors, perhaps I shouldn't participate in a color discussion. I'm apparently not all that decisive! ;-)

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