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    I have only ever seen one person say that the shoulder of the Zolo is uncomfortable. All the other feedback I read here and on the babywearing Yahoo group says that it is more comfortable than other slings.

    I have certainly found the Zolo design to be more comfortable than any other ring sling I have tried. (it's right up there with the KKAFP)

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    Default RE: To compare your sling to

    I initially had some shoulder problems and posted here asking about them. It felt like the seams were pushing down on my pointy shoulder bone and making it sore.

    Since then, the problem seems to have miraciously resolved itself. I have no idea why. I must not have been getting the shoulder positioned absolutely correctly. I have started unfolding the outermost pleat and that might have helped also.

    I love my Zolo. It beats the socks off my Maya. I can put my nearly one year old DS in it, adjust it, and forget about it. With my Maya I was continually adjusting and readjusting due to slipping rings/cloth.

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