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    Default What's in your baby carrier collection?

    I know ince you start, you cannot stop. Fess up, what carriers are in your collection?

    I have:
    Maya wrap
    Adjustable Fleece Pouch
    New Native
    Extra long Rebozo
    Mesh water sling

    I am just wondering if everyone is as crazy as me!!

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    Calmegja Guest

    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    1) Baby Bjorn
    2) Baby Trekker
    3) ERGO Carrier
    4) Sutemi Pack
    5) Cozy Baby Sling Company zippered windpro pouch
    6) KK adjustable fleece pouch, black
    7) KK adjustable fleece pouch, cream
    8) Hug a Bub
    9) Maya Wrap
    10) Hip Hugger
    11) Hotsling
    12) Zolo silk
    13) Zolo toile
    14) Prince Lionheart padded sling
    15) Solarveil sling

    Two dearly departed Snuglis, and a Trailtech backpack the DH has claimed for himself.

    I got called a sling hyena the other day at a different board. I would think it's an apt term for me!:P

    In my defense, I am giving several of these carriers to my friend who's having a baby in a few I will be ubder more manageable numbers at that point....

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    baby4us Guest

    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    jessica, i am new to this forum, and couln't figure out how to ask you a direct question, so i hope this works...i wanted to get your views on the baby trekker. would you recommend for a long trip with walking?i like the looks of it, but don't now how IRL...thanx

    logan 7/24/02

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    Calmegja Guest

    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?


    Depends on how you are going to use it.;-) For a front carry, definitely. For a back carry, I like it, but I would have to give the edge to the Ergo Baby Carrier, in terms of total support, and the way it works on the back. I also have a Sutemi.

    The Ergo is a wee bit more supportive around the waist, and makes a good bucket for baby, so in a back carry, in my opinion, it works a little better. I use my Trekker as an overgrown Bjorn, and it is terrific for that, but as a back carrier, it wasn't my favorite.

    Gina on here has a Trekker, and she is an absolute devotee. Hopefully, she'll see this, and she can give you her take on it.

    If you have more specific questions, I'd be glad to give them a whirl!

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    baby4us Guest

    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    jessica, thanx for being so good with your mail! i was planning to use for both front and back, which ever way DS likes best. i just got my hotsling in the mail (sling virgin), and was trying him in it far he's been a bit squirmy, and did not seem impressed. i saw that a lot of you guys got the sutemi through the co-op,and that looked nice, but i think i am too short (5'0") you agree with the premise that the ergo is more anatomically correct, and more comfortable for baby than trekker? the only reservation i have about ergo is that i am also top heavy, and am not sure how the top strap is going to hit my chest...i wish i could try on! what do you think of wilkinet?

    logan 7/24/02

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    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    I am but a seedling in a forest of carrier addicts. :)

    Baby Bjorn
    Kelty Backcountry backpack
    homemade ring sling (HATED it!) (
    homemade pouch style sling (LOVE this sling)(
    water mesh sling from

    And a toile Zolo on the way!

    Beth, mom to older DD (8/01) and younger DD (10/06) and always missing Leah (4/22 - 5/1/05)

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    cvharris Guest

    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    I'm just starting out, but we have:

    Baby Bjorn (might return this as DS doesn't seem to like it)
    Kelty Kangaroo (haven't tried this yet, looks like the Bjorn)
    Kelty Elite Backpack

    And on the way...
    KK Adj Fleece pouch in Glacier Ice
    Toile Zolo

    Can't wait to try these slings...DS is a high needs baby who loves to be held!

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    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    I have, in order of purchase:

    two Theodore Bean carriers (one leather, one not, that I won on eBay for a song but I wasn't sure I was going to win the auction so I had bids on both of them). Hubby uses this for short trips to the store. It hurts his back. He has agreed to try a sling someday when we have time to fiddle with it.

    Ring Sling from Mothers Grove that I got on eBay. This is the one I reach for most often, although I now know it is too small for me since the tail doesn't even hang to my waist. But I like it that way. I have noticed that as she gets heavier, it slips and I have to keep tightening it. So this is why I am about to get a Zolo.

    Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. This was my favorite when she was a newborn, and I still reach for it in the house (when the a/c is on) and she wants to sleep on me.

    New Native Baby Carrier in the lightweight lavender color. I was looking for something to replace the KKAFP when it got hot outside, and this worked. But I find that I like the ring sling better now that I have practiced with it more.

    Ring Sling from eBay in a really big size, this tail hangs to my ankles. I was searching auctions and saw this one about to end really cheap so I got it. It is in a natural muslin color and I thought maybe I would tie-dye it, but I am afraid I would look like the Partridge Family Bus coming down the sidewalk in it with as much fabric as there is. :)

    Maya Wrap Pouch. I just like the pretty colors. :) I just got this on eBay recently and have not used it yet, but it feels like it will be scratchy.

    Soon to be coming: Zolorwear cotton sling. I am waiting for some fabric swatches from her so I can choose my color but it will probably be the natural.

    What I am coveting next: An Ergo-like carrier for hip carries and back carries when she is older, or maybe a Sutemi. And of course a Didy. Oh and I will need a mesh sling or a solarveil before I go to my mom's in Florida for Christmas since they have a pool.

    Jacob Nathaniel Feb 91
    Logan Elizabeth Mar 03
    ds 1991
    dd 2003
    dd 2008 now home from Taiwan!

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    JerseyMom Guest

    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    New Native - enjoyed this while the baby was small, though could never get over him looking squished, not that he ever minded.

    OTSBH - Never got use to this sling. Couldn't get it positioned comfortably and hated the padding.

    Baby Bjorn - Can't believe I forgot about this one. We use it constantly. DS likes it best for when we are most active and while he is still small, he fits in perfectly. However he is growing rapidly and the Maya and the Zolo will outlast this carrier due to weight limitations.

    Maya Wrap - Didn't touch this sling until I saw a women at church using hers and then chased her down so she could show me in person how to use it. Now I love this sling. Huge learning curve but really offers wonderful flexibility and functionality.

    Silk Zolo - Just received it yesterday and have yet to try it. Looks so much easier to use and the fabric just makes me feel dressed up and less bohemian. Can't wait to give it a twirl! Might get a cotton one if I love it as much as everyone says I will.

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    Default RE: What's in your baby carrier collection?

    KK fleece pouch
    KK cotton pouch
    Rev. Jan's Magic Pleat Ring Slings -- 2 silk brocade, 1 Solarveil
    Baby Bjorn 2003
    Rosado sling
    Hip Hammock (not really used yet)
    Mom N Me hemp pouch (DH's)

    Baby Bjorn 00 w/retrofit kit

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