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    mama2be Guest

    Default I've found a great way to "store" my Zolo (or any ring sling for that matter)-

    I have an SUV, and the arm rest has handles on it there in the door way (the loops to put your arm thru). I have attached a Sassy toy ring to hold my Zolo diaper bag...and two rings to hold my sling. I postion the sling so that the back area is against the door and it does not get caught.

    Does tha tmake sense???? anyway I store it there, and Un hook when ready to wear!!!! Perfect!!!!

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    pritchettzoo Guest

    Default RE: I've found a great way to

    No, but I'm brain dead. I would love to know more, especially since I have a gorgeous Zolo sling I can't wait to use!

    Which door? The back one? The handles above the window (we call them "Oh Sh$#" handles when my stepmother drives!!)? Or the place where you'd rest your elbow if you were riding in the backseat against the doors? What would the two rings be used for (where would they hold the sling)? Now you're going to be sorry you posted anything!

    Brain sucking all

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    mama2be Guest

    Default RE: I've found a great way to

    YES YES the "OH Sh&* Handles :)....!!!!!!
    I have the Lexus SUV and in the back they have the ones over the window...and then the ones in the corner of the window.

    On the ones in the corner, at the seat behind the driver I have put a Sassy ring and it holds the diaper bag from them...
    On the same handle I have used TWO rings to hold my zolo sling. Steve at first thought it would get cuaght in the door, BUT if you hang it where the "back" of it is against the door it gives more stiffness to it and thus does not get caught. I LOVE this...I connect it when I put him in his center seat, adn disconnect to use!!!! I actually rarely use the bag so it has stayed there now but is full if needed.

    So again it is not the one that is horizontal with the window BUT the one in the corner of the window...I guess not all cars/SUV's will have this one, but if you do it is perfect for this!!!!

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    Default RE: I've found a great way to

    I use the toy ring on the Zolo to hang it up on my coatrack by my door and just grab it as I go out of the house.

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    MiaPia Guest

    Default RE: I've found a great way to

    What a great idea! I'll have to try this! I hate just throwing my sling and diaper bag onto the seat, so this is a great alternative!!

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