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    Default Plus-sized sling use?

    I'm trying to decide on a sling/carrier to take to China with me to pick up Mia. DH will be using the Sara's Ride-like hip carrier from One Step Ahead but I'd really like something in cotton. We also will have a hotsling for my 15-year old son to use when we get back from the trip to China - he chose the fabric himself.

    I'm 5'7", wear a size 24 and a DD cup - not a little thing by any stretch of the imagination! I also have tendonitis in my left shoulder and holding a baby on my hip or in my arms for more than 15 minutes does me in. Add to that I'm always hot and live in Myrtle Beach, SC and I'm so afraid I'm going to absolutely roast wearing a baby, but the bonding is going to be SOOOOO important with our little girl.

    Mia will most likely be somewhere between 8 and 14 months old and *probably* petite, though she could be more American in size.

    I was planning an unpadded Kangaroo Korner sling, but I keep coming back to the Girasol/Didy/Ellaroo wraps. They're SO gorgeous!

    I've read the Ellaroo is lighterweight than the others and the Christiane is my all-time favorite fabric.

    Money is VERY tight with the adoption process having sped up by about 6 months I really can't afford to make a big mistake with this sling.

    HELP! :)

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    Default RE: Plus-sized sling use?

    I would suggest a ring sling. The didy/girasol/ella slings are not easy to get baby in and out of, and you don't know if she will tolerate being worn. If she is older, 14 months, she may be in that "up down" stage where as soon as you get her all tied in place, she wants down again.

    For an older baby who you will carry mostly on your hip, a pouch sling would be great. Easy to learn and easy to get off and on. sells a nice inexpensive one, and she can make sure it fits you since they are custom made. The Maya Pouches are on clearance everywhere since they just changed their design. (an XL should work for you).

    It's great that your son wants to wear her too. :) My son is 12 and he chose his own Maya Pouch to wear his sister.

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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default RE: Plus-sized sling use? - GOT ONE :)

    I did it! After much trauma, I finally ordered the unpadded KK sling with a lightly padded shoulder to be made with the inspiration fabric for her nursery.

    I'm sending the fabric to Tanya on Saturday.


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    Default RE: Plus-sized sling use? - GOT ONE :)

    How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about Mia! Have you been to China? We went on our honeymoon. We hope to someday adopt, too.

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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default RE: Plus-sized sling use? - GOT ONE :)

    Our trip to get Mia will be our first time in China! We can't wait.

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