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    hlo Guest

    Default Where to try Deuter, Vaude, etc?

    I'm looking for a place in Colorado (Denver/Boulder area) that I can try on a Deuter, Vaude, Madden etc. I've been to REI to try on the REI Piggyback and the Kelty line (Back Country and Ridgeline) & just don't love either of them. My husband LOVED the Back Country, but I just didn't feel like it fit me right.

    Does anyone here know of a place where I might find other brands?

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    spikeso Guest

    Default RE: Where to try Deuter, Vaude, etc?

    My wife and I were in the same situation. Actually, none of the Kelty's fit her torso correctly, so we had to go with something else. The Piggyback was decent, but we also wanted to try more.

    Something you could try: check the websites of the manufacturers you are interested in, and see if the have a dealer search. If they don't have a dealer search, maybe a customer service number you could call to get a dealer in your area.

    BTW, we ended up getting a Deuter Kid Carrier II and are very, very happy with it. We tried on and bought ours at a local baby store.


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