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    kensjen Guest

    Default Those of you with a KKAFP....

    I have a question for do you find the sizing to be on these...pretty true to size?! I am in between the sizes, and not sure which to order...not sure if it stretches a lot. I know the pouches you need to fit well. Thanks so much! :)

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    Calmegja Guest

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    Tanya suggested a medium for me, I'm 5'8, and about 125 pounds, and it's great, although I do keep them on the tightest settings....

    I think her charts are accurate, but if you've got any questions, email her, because I think she's just about psychic on what's the appropriate size for her slings.....;-)

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    parkersmama Guest

    Default RE: Those of you with a KKAFP....

    If you're between two sizes, a good bet is to get an extra row or two of snaps added to the larger size. I did that and it has really worked out well. Plus, that would enable your dh to use it if he is bigger than you and so inclined!

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    toomanystrollers Guest

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    If you inbetween but carry your weight more above your waist - larger bra size, I would go with the larger size w/the extra row of snaps. However if you carry your weight below the waist, stick with the smaller size. Tayna actually recommends this somewhere on her site - can't find it right now.


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    Default RE: Those of you with a KKAFP....

    I have to say, some of it could depend on you too and how you like the sling to fit. I bought a Large originally and I am in the middle of the range of measurements/weight for that size, but it was just too big for me. I found that it would stretch and DD would "sink" as I was wearing it and then my back would start to hurt. I sent it to Tanya and she added an extra row of snaps for me and now it fits perfectly! Now I know what I all the hype was about this sling because it is just fantastic when it fits right! This new tightest row (4th row of snaps on a Large) is pretty much the equivalent of the middle set of snaps (if you have 3 rows) on a Medium I think. I would say that I carry my weight pretty evenly/maybe a little extra around the middle and I'm a D cup, so sometimes the rules don't totally apply!

    Edited to add: I'm 5'6" and 185 lbs right now (but the Large was "too big" for me even when I was almost 10 lbs heavier) just to give you an idea...

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