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    AdoptChina Guest

    Default Ellaroo wrap, Girasol, Moby wrap.....

    Any opinions on these? I like the fact that the weight is dispersed on both shoulders. I currently have a Maya Wrap that is nice but often hurts my shoulder (my 4 mth old is over 18 lbs).

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    AdoptChina Guest

    Default RE: Ellaroo wrap, Girasol, Moby wrap.....

    sorry for the double post!

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    lizamann Guest

    Default RE: Ellaroo wrap, Girasol, Moby wrap.....

    I love the wraparound types. They distribute the weight to both shoulders as you mention, plus to the hips if you do it right.

    There are stretchy wraps like the moby, hugabub, etc. and there are woven wraps like the Ellaroo and the Girasol that have give but not stretch. I don't (yet) have a stretchy one, but I hear they may be even more comfy than the wovens.

    I'm not sure if you're asking about wraps in general, or about reviews of specific ones. I know there have been reviews here, so you can do a search. You can also try joining the yahoo babywearing group, which has TONS of info on these carriers.

    If you have some more specific questions I would be happy to help. It's just that if I got started with your question I could be sitting here for hours telling you about my carriers, and i should probably take a shower instead!

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