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    Default RE: Baby B'Air option

    I recently spent a bit of time figuring out how to best travel with my 8 month old - I ended up buying him a seat (1/2 price) and plan to carry a Graco Comfortsport seat.

    I looked into the vests - although they are supposed to be useable on aircraft, the FAA regulations say they can not be used during take-off, landing, or moving on the ground (the most critical times!) - (see page 8)

    I just hope they'll let me install the car seat rear facing as the FAA regulations say - I know some parents have had to fight for this too...

    Audrey, mother to Graham

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    Default RE: Has anyone carried a baby on a plane in a sling instead of in a car seat?

    Here's what I did and will do in the future. I flew with my son at 3 months across country (by myself, not easy but doable). I used a sling and a carseat. I bought my son his own seat on the plane but I carried him in a sling a lot too. Then when I traveled with him later I carried in in the sling on and off the plane and lots in the airport too. That made it easy for me to nurse him and still move and carry everything. Its also easier to install the carseat (not a carrier).
    I did have one flight where my son didn't have his own seat since we were only traveling 45 minutes in the air. It made me a little nervous but I did hold him on my lap. You have to unhook the sling during take off and landing but you can have it fastened during flight. I didn't have to take him out though, just unfasten the sling. Not sure if you can do this with a bjorn? I use a wraparound sling.
    So here's my rec: Bring the carrier but buy him his own seat. Its worth it.


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    Default RE: Has anyone carried a baby on a plane in a sling instead of in a car seat?

    We flew with a ring sling on AA both times when C was about 6 months (to Boston) and 9 months old (to Florida) and no one mentioned anything about unhooking the sling - I even asked. Now that C's 16 months old and much more mobile we're getting him his own seat this time when we go back for Thanksgiving.

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