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    Default RE: Mei Tai : Now that I have one, how do I pronounce it??

    I am terrible at translating because I always think in English versus chinese but a rough translation means "carry" and it is cantonese versus mandarin. You are correct in that the literal rough translation of the words are carry strap.

    P.S. I just got a black silk Kozy in the mail to try with the new baby. It is beautiful. My mom had a friend make her one that she used with Alexander when he was smaller but I never did but I will have to find it and compare it to the kozy. I think the one her friend made is a traditional style from the old country but I haven't looked at it in a while.

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    Default RE: Mei Tai : Now that I have one, how do I pronounce it??

    Thanks Sandy! Yes, I think we finally solved the mystery :) It's pronounced "May Dye", just like your mom said, because it's in Cantanese.

    Wow, I've been thinking about a Kozy, too. A silk one must be so pretty! I still haven't decided which one to get (like there is still much time). Kozy is a strong contender, as well as Kolamo, Sachi and Pack-pack (too cute). The ones from my country are usually factory made and not as pretty as the WAHM mei tai. I like the hand-made quality, but none of my families sew.

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