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    Default Angela...

    I do fold it in half but I have major problems with keeping the fabric flat when I am trying to put it on. It bunches up and I have to do it in front of the mirror but it seems so hard to do it. I'll try to iron it and see if that helps.

    I tried to wear it at the park the other day with Riley and she screamed the entire time in it. It really is easier on my back because of the weight distribution so I really want to start using it.

    Okay, now I am thinking about your actual question about it being folded in half. Do you mean the whole 6 yards of fabric and it being folded while you are draping it over your shoulders, back and then back in front or do you mean the length of the fabric folded? Am I overthinking this?
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    Default RE: What carrier are Angela and Mary wearing in the retreat photos?

    This carrier did look amazing. Faye and Kami were both so content when all wrapped up. :)
    I can't believe it's so reasonably priced.

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