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    hpymar Guest

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    I wear small to medium tshirts outside of pregnancy and my husband wears XXL t-shirts. We were told that buying the extra long straps for the baby bjorn baby carrier would be fine for both of us, but the packaging says that it could be dangerous to not use the correct size straps. Has anyone had any experience with this? Should we have to buy both sizes of straps?

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    JakesMom Guest

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    Hi there,

    We purchased the extra-long version. I'm 5,7" and wear a 16; my husband is 5,11" and wears an XL. I'd say you're better off with the longer straps; if they are too long when you wear the Bjorn, you can knot them to stay out of the way. The only danger I could forsee is if the straps are too short, which would impact the support for your baby.

    It's definitely a great investment... we still get some use out of ours, and our son is almost 18 months old!

    Good luck!

    Jodi in Chicago

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    thomcatbob Guest

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    I recommend getting the xtra long straps if your hubby plans on carrying baby. I wear a size small shirt and my hubby wears a large. We DO NOT have the xtra long straps and I'm the only one who can carry baby in Baby Bjorn.


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    Shari Guest

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    I'm a size M and my husband is a size XXL Tall. We have two sets of straps and it works well. I cannot use the extra long straps safely---and the $30 is well worth it to have it sized correctly to both of us.

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