Okay ladies I am a diaper bag addict!

I got my card in the mail and the Carter's outlet near me is having a 70% off sale. Also if you spend $35 (pretty easy to do) for $10 you get a reversible diaper bag tote. It's pretty nice - has big sturdy handles (not long enough to throw over the stroller handle though) and is a solid color (navy, black or red) with varied stripes inside - or out if you reverse. Bottle pockets in and out on either side and a mommy sack too (actually the bag comes folded inside this smaller sack). One snap top closure. I really like it.

I have so many diaper bags. LOVE my kelty backpack -for long days or trips. Also have another Carters Starters Black/blue bag that I've been using over the past month, though it's a tad on the large side (reminds me of the Lands End DIA). But overall I love my Similac bag I got from the hospital..... great for everday. Now I have this Carters tote to choose from to - yikes. I can't help it - I've always been this way. I don't have a lot of shoes but I sure have a lot of bags, lol!

Just had to share!

Maria and Taggert, 3.5 mos