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    Default diaper bag extras

    I know i have seen on here some websites selling all the "extras" that come with a diaper bag so that you can basically make your own...i have finally decided to:

    1) get a one step ahead or LE back pack for long trips AND
    2) get a new purse that I like for me, and then add all the diaper bag stuff...(i have seen new 9 west bags that some with all kinds of organization space)

    so, if anyone knows where i can get a changing pad, dirty diaper holder and any other extras, let me know, thanks!

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    Default RE: diaper bag extras

    The only extras you really need are ziploc bags (for dirty diapers and clothes). A changing pad can be nice; you can get them for about $5 at BRU or Baby Depot. I think that Baby Style sells something like what you are describing, but you really don't need all that, IMO:
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