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    Default More diaper bag help...experienced moms, what should I do?

    Okay, I've definitely been having a hard time figuring out what to buy diaper bag wise. We're due in Feb. with our first (a boy!) and my lack of experience is showing LOL;)

    So far, I'm planning on a small bag like the new LE Little Tripper, which I think will work pretty well w/ a sling which I'm going to try and use. I'm fairly settled on buying the Little tripper

    Now, the tricky part is selecting my "bigger bag" for all day excursions. I was originally thinking about the LE original DIA bag, but I've heard it is kind of large. Of course, w/ a newborn, and being inexperienced, I'm sure in the beginning I'll be an overpacker so I'll need SOME roominess. I've also thought about the bubblegum and I'm still me bags (totally different look from LE obviously!). What size would you recommend if I go that route in either of those models? I've read the Bubblegum posts and it seems like some people thought the large was too large and some thought the medium was too small. Which do you think would be better for an "all day" bag. Any other recommendations? What did you use as your "all day" bag in the beginning? I'm planning to hopefully BF, so that should hopefully reduce how many bottles, etc. we need. Also, I'm not sure if I'll be an "external" pocket kind of gal or not?? What do you keep in the outside pockets? Other than sippy cups/bottles I can't think of a whole lot else (other than my stuff) that I'd need right in the outside pockets, but that's probably my total lack of experience;)

    Thanks everyone!


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    Default RE: More diaper bag help...experienced moms, what should I do?

    I like messenger bags or backpack bags so you can be hands free if necessary. I love my Kate Spade, Petunia Picklebottom, and my Gap backpack. I have gone through quite a few to discover what I like. I like it to close completely. I like waterproof liners that you can clean well. I like outside pockets for my keys and glasses. I like bottle pockets for when you have a young one. I like room for my stuff.

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    Default RE: More diaper bag help...experienced moms, what should I do?

    Beth, I love my messenger style bag I bought at Target. I was in the same dilema as you & here is what I found. Btw, before Nolan was born, I had about 6! *lol*

    *The Eddie Bauer (blue plaid) small & large "traditional" diaper bags from BRU. The large felt like a suitcase & was enormous! The small, didn't see the need for it, so I returned both.
    * A large tote, nice, but bulky & did not fit on handles of P3 or in basket. Returned it.
    *Sling (one shoulder), great compartments, good for light trips.
    *Messenger, just right! Enough pockets, main pocket lg enough for blanket & extra clothes, seperate dipe area, fits my P3 & can wear it w/my M&M pouch. ;)

    Christy & baby Nolan 7/22/03

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