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    amywein Guest

    Default Questions for the diaperbag experts out there- ella/ ISM

    1. I am debating between the backpacks on both Ella and ISM websites.
    I am wondering about the durability of the ella fabrics. I've emailed Aimee and found out that many are regular woven fabrics vs the ISM that are upolstery weight fabrics. Anyone have problems with the durability?
    2. I am wondering about fitting the bags into the baskets of strollers.
    Strollers I'm using right now: Maclaren Opus Duo, Graco Duo Glider and Maclaren Volo. ( I won't even go into the list of what I'm not using :))
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    heidi_timms Guest

    Default RE: Questions for the diaperbag experts out there- ella/ ISM

    From what I've heard, the Ella bags are more lightweight than the ISM bags. The Ellas are also half the price. I doubt either bag would rip, but the ISMs all seem to have a heavy duty dark colored bottom which would probably last through anything. Also, I'm sure an Ella with a dark bottom would also last as well.

    I think it would depend on which type of diaper bag person you are. Personally, I have several diaper bags and change them with my mood. For me, diaper bags are more like a fashion statement-LOL! I would rather spend less and have more of a variety and have fun bags! Also, since I have several they don't get as much wear and tear. If this is going to be your only diaper bag, I would spend more and get one that's more heavy duty.

    Good Luck with your decision. I think that both are nice choices!

    Mom to Kailey Ashlin

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    JennyA Guest

    Default RE: Prices

    Heidi mentioned the price difference - I just looked on Ella and their backpacks are regularly $65-&70 before adding any options like extra interfacing or loops and things The ISM bps are $85 to $95 when not on sale but you get the heavy duty fabric, pleated pockets and whatever else with the bag. It looks like their accessories are actually less expensive than ella's. Both of them have pretty good sales like the BB discounts in January - that was a great idea!!! I got an ISM metoo tote for a gift with a free pouch for $45. It's adorable!

    Anyway, I agree with Heidi, that it's a fashion thing, but at the very least you want it to last til the diapers are history.

    I hang mine on the handles of my stroller like a stroller bag by clipping the straps front to back.


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