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    spa Guest

    Default Next Ella Co-op

    I would love to be on the list for the next Ella co-op as well! Despite the fact that I organized a Petunia co-op, I didn't even order one. For $30 I could go for two Ellas. :-)

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    sarahfran Guest

    Default RE: Next Ella Co-op

    I'd like to be on the Ella list too, please!

    Mom to Dylan, 8/18/03

    Motherhood is such a joy!

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    JenCA Guest

    Default RE: Next Ella Co-op

    Please include me on the next Ella co-op list, too! :)

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    tina-t is offline Platinum level (1000+ posts)
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    Default RE: Katie

    Debbi, hope you don't mind but I sent you a pm to add me to the Ella list. Thanks.

    Mom to 2 little ones

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    arcoe Guest

    Default RE: Next Ella Co-op

    Can I be added to the list too? Thanks so much!!!


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    lynettefrancois Guest

    Default RE: Oooooooo, I really WANT to be a diaper bag junkie, but........

    I love the small navy tote I just bought at Target (less than $10!). I may also buy one in red or natural. It's great for short trips, and easily holds everything I need. (I don't use bottles, however.) There's a giant version of it too for a few dollars more. HOWEVER, I may want to get on the ELLA list too as I am a "former-purse-junkie" turning into a "diaper-bag-junkie." :) I don't really like my current big diaper bag, and the larger Target tote is a bit overwhelming for someone of my short height. What do I do to get on the Ella list if I decide to? And by when? Thanks!

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    Default RE: Next Ella Co-op

    I just got my Ella and love it. Please put me on the list again, I would love to get another.

    Melissa and Emma (4/16/03)

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    Default RE: Next Ella Co-op

    Please add me too Debbi! I'll email you as well.
    Mama to "The Fantastic Four":
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    DS 09
    DD 12

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    slknight is offline Platinum level (1000+ posts)
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    Default RE: Katie

    Please add me to the next list as well.

    Thanks so much!

    Susan and Alex (04.18.03)

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    jec2's Avatar
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    Default oh, dear

    I think I better sign up too. This forum is becoming a vortex that I cannot escape!
    Juliet, mama to DS 10/03 & DS 11/06

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