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    How many people have bought custom diaper bags off of ebay? Were you satisfied with what you got (ie quality, workmanship)? Would you recommend this seller (if so, please list the ebay ID)? What did you pay for it - if you feel comfortable sharing? Please list any other details why you like or dislike the bag you got. I have been itching to pick out a diaper bag and am wondering if this is the way to go. I was (and still am) considering an Ella bag, but would like to check out all the options.


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    I bought a bag from taylornicole-designs for about $30 and love it. I didn't expect a lot given the price, but I was very pleasantly suprised. The quality and workmanship were great and Heidi (the owner) was very nice to deal with. I have been getting many compliments and the bag. I am using it for work, but maybe I will use it for a diaper bag when I feel like sharing it with my DS!

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