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    s_gosney Guest

    Default shopping cart covers

    I'm sure this has been covered a million times over, but please bear with me as I'm stuck away from my high speed internet connection and searching through tons of old posts takes forever. Anyway, Kylee is getting close to being ready to ride in the cart, so I was wondering about shopping cart covers. I saw the infantino one at walmart and actually went ahead and picked it up, but I just wanted to know if there's something better out there that I should get. What are the perks of the ones bought online and are they really worth the extra $? This one cost $20. I just wanted to find out now so I can take the infantino one back before I use it. Thanks for your help!

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    vikivoly Guest

    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    I think the biggest difference between the Infantino and the $$$ ones is coverage and padding. The Infantino does not cover the entire seat basket and is thin. I have the Buggy Bagg which was really nice for babies too big for the infant carrier and too young to sit up on their own. It is very cushy. Of course, there are other extras such as pockets, etc.

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    smomom Guest

    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    It's sort of pricey, but I am a huge fan of my Buggy Bagg too. It retails for around $70. It's a lot of money, but it's well made, washes well, and is extra cushiony. I also like the fact that it zips up neatly and has a carrying handle. I have no doubt that I'll get tired of my fabric selection long before the product gives out. Of all of my baby-related purchases this is hands-down my favorite item.

    I can't remember where I ordered mine from, but I just ordered my SIL one for a shower gift from this site. I got it with free shipping too. I don't know if that offer is still good. I ordered it last Friday and it was delivered on Wednesday.


    You can check out other info directly on the Buggy Bagg web site ( They didn't offer free shipping, so I went with Precious Beginnings.

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    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    If you want to spend less than a Buggy Bagg costs, I highly recommend - we're very happy with our cover from there!
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    pritchettzoo Guest

    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    I second the Covers4kids cover. It's great! It fits on Costco carts and restaurant high chairs and is really cute. Nice and cushy so when she lounges back or slumps down or flops over there's a little padding between her head and whatever's underneath.

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    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    I have one from baby a la cart and love it!

    Melissa and Emma (4/16/03)

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    arcoe Guest

    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    I absolutely love my clean shopper ( It is easy to put on, covers all cart sizes, and is easy to clean. I believe that they are priced around $29.99 now, before tax and shipping.

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    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    I have a cleanshopper also. I found mine locally (Once Upon A Child) when it was 20% off so I grabbed a denim one. We use this CONSTANTLY! Initially I was going to get one from Covers4Kids but then saw this one on sale and in person so I snagged it.

    Cleanshopper also has a highchair cover, though you can also use the cart cover in a high chair. Am thinking of getting the chair cover too since it is more compact and good for vacation/travel.

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    cma Guest

    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    I didn't use one with DD. I didn't think I'd get one for DS, but as soon as I saw this post

    I was sold. I bought 2 covers4kids cart covers as Christmas presents, but I think for future presents I'm buying the ones from sewcuteboutique.

    As the other posters say...the difference is just the extra padding, the pillow, and the fact that it covers the entire cart. I also wanted a cute print, but it may or may not be worth the extra $16 to you.

    Good Luck!

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    Dscvrlifewith3 Guest

    Default RE: shopping cart covers

    wasn't their a coop for a shopping cart cover not too long ago. there is the girl on eBay that sales them. They are so cute. I haven't ever seen one that covers the whole basket like that before. Way cool! :)

    My baby is 2, I guess I don't need one. :(

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