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Thread: List your bags!

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    marnay Guest

    Default List your bags!

    The Mothership thread got me thinking about how many bags do we all have? Lets list them! :)

    I have the following,

    Skip Hop
    Chester Classic black gingham
    Belly Basics Mommy Tote (Don't use at all)
    Baby Bjorn Clam Shell (Don't use at all)
    3 Freebie Hospital bags (Don't use at all)
    Tweed Old Navy Tote
    2 Timbuk2 bags from the co-op coming (small messanger and a Mini Metro)
    1 Kecci coming in beige

    I just sold my white cord Mothership.
    sold Eddie Bauer Green backpack.

    I think that's all.....

    Oops no I forgot a few....

    Pink Cabbage Rose Tote from ebay
    Gap Backpack
    Eddie Bauer small red bag


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    masetane Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    I have
    Indigo Mothership (big trips/day outings)
    Blue Little Tripper (hubby)
    Blue Choc Alpha 7 coming (will be my everyday)
    Red Skip Hop (back of my red Mac Techno)
    Baby Gap red toile (now used as my knitting bag)
    Herve Chapelier (used as a diaper bag/purse - now just as a purse)
    Vera Bradley Villager (used as toddler tote when I had just one child now its a purse)

    I have sold:
    Vera Bradley French Blue BAby bag
    Blue Classic Do it all from Lands End
    Blue Choc Escape Pod
    Nine West black microfiber backpack


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    momathome is offline Sapphire level (2000+ posts)
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    Oct 2001
    PA, USA.

    Default RE: List your bags!

    The current bags that I own are:

    EB Backpack - this is my workhorse
    WW Backpack - pretty, but I haven't used it since my button popped
    2 ISM totes - I use them as beach bags
    Tommy Hilfiger Tote - used it for awhile but didn't like the
    Baby Bjorn Backpack - collecting dust since I got my EB Backpack

    I really want to get a Fleurville Alpha 7 and Chester backpack but I am waiting until I am pregnant again before I take the plunge!

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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    I'm not too bad...

    - LE Updated Little Tripper (my new everyday bag)
    - LE Deluxe Diaper Backpack (keep fully stocked in car)
    - Vera Bradley Villager in Animal Kingdom (former everyday bag)
    - Boutique bucket bag from eBay in Chinese paper doll clothes print
    - Kalencom (TRU) tote in blue w/raspberry interior(beach bag)
    - Pink cartoon backpack we bought in China to use as Mia's eating out bag (need a new one - this one's too small now)

    Yikes... guess I'm worse than I thought!

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    DeborahM Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    I have:

    Indigo denim mothership (saving for when #2 arrives)
    Choc. blue Alpha7 (using as my everyday bag)
    Choc. blue escape pod
    Choc. pink wrist bag (use for my lipstick w/ Alpha7)
    WW Katie bucket tote (all loaded up for #2!)
    Old Navy fabric tote (good for treking to playground)
    Nordstrom flower diaper bag (not using currently)
    Babies Alley black microfiber backpack (not using)

    Thanks to all the messages on these boards, I'm drooling over the Kecci now.... With all the walking I've been doing trying to get this labor started, it's a good thing the mall doesn't have lots of diaper bags! (However, Gymbo's getting a lot of my money instead...)

    Mom to Thomas and (not-so-patiently waiting for) soon-to-arrive baby girl

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    sbjf Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    Mothership-Indigo on it's way.
    Marsupial-Red-my main bag right now/purse/diaper bag.
    Freebie Similac-dh's bag
    Baby Sherpa Backpack-when I want hands free and big cooler storage.

    I find the Marsupial to be wonderful, but for me, it is too small. I can't fit my usual diaper/purse stuff PLUS my Maya Sling PLUS my Similac cooler with/ebm bags and a bottle. I could fit either the sling OR the cooler, but not both, so this annoys me and so I ordered the Mothership.

    I do like to have everything with me so that's why I need the Mothership I guess.

    I wonder if I'm the only person planning on using the Mothership on a daily basis?

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    Central Florida

    Default RE: List your bags!

    I was curious about this also!
    My current stash includes:
    Timi and Leslie backpack
    T&L Large bebe bag
    Chester Tote
    Gap diaper backpack (used for a year until I discovered this board)

    I have a navy Kecci bag and another T&L bebe bag coming this week.

    Recently sold:
    Indigo Mothership
    Blue Chocolate Alpha 7
    OSA Backpack
    NM Messenger bag

    In the process of selling:
    SS dragonfly backpack

    I just received a Bumble Bag but that is going back also.

    I think that may be it! Yeesh!

    DS#1 10/02
    DS#2 8/04

    Homeschooling mom to 2 middle schoolers, once-owner of the now-defunct My Little Ducks

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    lmariana Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    Here we go!

    Currently Own:
    Fleurville Mothership in White Corduroy
    Fleurville Alpha 7 in Blue Chocolate
    Fleurville Escape Pod in Blue Chocolate
    Fleurville Wrist Bag in Blue Chocolate
    Chester Classic Diaper Bag in Bluebell (selling)
    Chester Diaper Backpack in Bluebell (selling as well)
    Dobre Goods Bambino Tote in Green Hawaiian (selling)
    Dobre Goods matching Clutch in Green Hawaiian (selling with tote)
    Kecci Shanghai in Navy
    Skip Hop Duo in red
    Land's End Little Tripper in Sapphire (old style)
    Land's End Little Tripper in Red (old style)
    Tote Le Monde Geneva in Berry Stripe (selling)
    Ella Elaine in pink twill
    Whimsical Wears tote (will be selling)
    Baby Sherpa Diaper backpack

    Have sold:
    Mothership in Indigo
    Alpha 7 in Fiesta Stripe
    Loom Marsupial in: Black
    Moss Green and
    Robin's Egg Blue
    Skip Hop in Navy
    Skip Hop in Ice Blue
    Chester Tote
    Chester Diaper Tote
    Chester Diaper backpack

    I'm wanting to acquire the new re-designed models of the Alpha 7 and Petunia Picklebottom when they come out. :) I'll also be seeing some Timi and Leslie bags before long.

    Yay diaper bags!!

    Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

    ETA: Forgot a bag!

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    Chelsey333 Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    You sold all of your Marsupials, how come? I know you get these questions asked a lot, but you have tried them all - so I am always interested in what bags your keeping and selling. You convinced me that the Loom was great. Lately I have been thinking of selling it bec I want an Alpha 7. Do you like the Alpha 7 more than the Loom?

    bags I have:
    Loom Marsupial black
    light blue skip hop
    blue chocolate mothership
    Kate Spade med bag black
    blue chocolate escape pod (just received today)
    gap tote
    ISM tote

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    lmariana Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    Hmm, well I still think the Loom is a really awesome diaper bag, but I sold mine for a few reasons...

    1. I really couldn't wear it very comfortably as a messenger. The strap pad was too wide and dug into my neck. (I have the same issue with the Mothership)
    2. For it's size, I couldn't fit enough inside (I started having to tote around more than before, since we were out for longer periods of time)
    3. It was a little boxy, I wanted something I could smush and not feel bad about
    4. I just didn't use it as often as my other bags...

    I sold the blue one because the color just wasn't me. The Moss one just never got used, but I loved this color! The black one stuck around the longest, but after not thinking about it for a month, I sold it to finance another bag purchase.

    So yeah, a day may come where I want a Marsupial again, but for now, I'm pretty set. :) I am really curious about the Bandicoot though! That may well be the perfect small bag, we'll see!

    I do use my Alpha 7 a whole lot though. I love the waterproof coating on it, the great organization, and the perfect capacity. I'd say it carries about the same as a Loom Marsupial...maybe a *tad* bit more...but the bottle pockets outside aren't nearly as nice as Loom's. Unless you really want one now, I'd wait to see the new design for the fall!

    Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

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