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Thread: List your bags!

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    In order of purchase:

    Timbuk 2 Medium Messenger (El Ocho) -- navy/pink/navy cordura (purchased as a gym bag pre-baby, but will likely use as a larger day bag)

    Lands End Updated Do-It-All -- returned b/c no shoulder strap

    LE Updated Little Tripper -- black/olive (previous day bag prior to getting the Metro Mini)

    LE Short Tote -- black (too small, but would use it for nice outings b/c looks more like a purse)

    Similac US bag - black (hospital freebie, but I bought it off ebay b/c they aren't available here)

    Baglady Original (like an Ella bag, only made in Canada) -- blue/red/green/yellow/white cabana stripe

    Skip Hop -- red (LOVE this bag, but will use it more in winter)

    Timbuk 2 Metro Mini -- pink ballistic (current summer day bag)

    LE Deluxe Backpack -- blue (for airline travel and long road trips)

    Similac Canadian bag -- turquoise blue (mail in freebie, kept in the car)

    WAITING FOR: Timbuk 2 Small Messenger (via coop, still undecided on color) and Fleurville Mothership (Indigo denim).

    Lusting for: a Kecci???? Never thought of myself as a print person, but then again, never thought I'd get a Mothership, LOL!!!! You all are a bad influence on me!!! :)

    Maya -- April 11, 2004 (yes, only 3 months and look at all the diaper bags I've HAD to buy for her!!)

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    i'm pathetic...left the stroller forum after buying 4 strollers in one month and thought that my shopping fix would end if i switched message boards :/ was counting the last days till i had my 3rd boy and hoping to find anything that was informational. didn't expect a "diaper bag club" with such a huge following and now i've caught up with this crazy diaper bag obsession, thanks to all of you :)

    here's the damage i did in 1 month...

    -Le Sportsac Tote
    -TIMBUK2 PeeWee Messenger in Red Bongo
    -TIMBUK2 PeeWee Messenger in Gray San Francisco
    -WW Diaper Tote
    -WW Diaper Tote (on its way)
    -WW 3 Peas (on its way)
    -WW 3 Peas (on its way)
    -Ella Lily (on its way)
    -Chester Classic Tote in Bluebell (on its way)
    -Chester Classic Tote in Red Gingham (on its way)
    -Chester Cosmetic Bag in Out&About (on its way)
    -Petunia Bam Bam Boxy Backpack (on its way)
    -Petunia Cucumber Boxy Backpack (on its way)
    -Fleurville Wrist Bag in White Cordoray (waiting, backordered)

    still decidng on:
    -Timi & Leslie


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    Erika600 Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    WOW, Chris! You have some great bags on their way! I'm so envious...:)

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    Default Mariana-

    What did you think of the Alpha 7 in Fiesta Stripe??? That is currently the one I am drooling over. TIA!!!

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    Default RE: Mariana-

    I really love those colors! It's a great fall bag, but I bought it in early spring, and wanted a more summery bag. :) It's so pretty, very nice colors.

    Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

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    Default RE: Mariana-

    Thanks, Mariana! I will definitely keep that in mind!

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    I love your collection! Go Chris! I'd love to see some pictures of the graphic Timbuk2's and your new Petunia Picklebottoms!

    Has anyone told you about the Baby Bags Swap group? It's a good place to sell bags that dont' work out for you or get a good deal on bags you want! Very fun!

    Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    Wow is right - 10 bags on the way!!! Did you get 2 of everthing to just enjoy different colors for different seasons? Do you think you really get to use them all? I really want a WW and a Petunia Picklebottom in Cucumber roll but I'm nervous to buy it and then have things in my closet collecting dust. I would be interested to hear how you will be using all of these so I can learn too!
    Isabelle 10/1/00
    Nicholas 2/27/03

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    My current collection includes:

    Purple Swirl Mothership
    Purple Swirl Wrist Bag
    LE Deluxe Backpack (DH's bag)
    Navy Skip Hop
    Loom Bandicoot in Moss/Black (on order from Kids N Style)
    Blue Chocolate Alpha 7 (on order from co-op)
    Tropical Leaf Wrist Bag (on order from co-op)
    Lansinoh Bottle Bag (goes to and from daycare)
    Freebie black bag from hospital (never gets used)
    Handmade messenger-style bag in Amy Butler fabrics
    Handmade messenger-style bag in blue stripe/blue toile

    I've sold:

    Pink Chocolate Mothership
    Light Pink Skip Hop
    Ella backpack in Springtime in Paris print
    ISM Large Tote in Imperial Dragonfly

    I've returned:

    Kate Spade Medium Baby Bag in black
    Purple Swirl Escape Pod
    Timbuk2 Shortcut in light blue/silver

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    Lands' End Do-It-All ("old style" 2002 model) in sapphaire blue - have used this since DS was born and I think I'm finally ready to retire it! It's been a great bag for us but finally I'm feeling like it is too big!

    Lands' End Little tripper ("old style") in sapphaire blue - bought before DS was born and only have started using it as my everyday bag in the last couple of months

    Lands' End large canvas tote in pink stripe (NQP) - just bought this. I really like the colors and organization, but it is a LARGE bag and I am trying to get away from a large bag! Still wavering on whether to keep this for the future (it was only $14.50!) or return it since DH isn't too happy about all my recent baby gear purchases.

    Skip Hop Duo in red - just bought this from the BBB swap and I really like it. Haven't used it yet but I think it will be a great travel bag, which is why I bought it. Definitely medium sized which is what I wanted. I will probably start using this on longer outings for when the LT is too small.

    2 Enfamil bags - one freebie from hospital and one I actually bought off ebay. Never used the bags but I did use the bottle coolers from both (first one wore out after a year which is why I bought the second).

    mom to Jacob 9/27/02

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