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Thread: List your bags!

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    Let's see....the obsession is really just starting...

    * LE Diaper Backpack - for long trips
    * LE Little Tripper - navy - for the stroller
    * Kecci Shanghai in Chartreuse
    * Ella backpack in Nova Check (ordered)
    * Ella Elaine in Central Park Sky Toile (ordered)
    * 2 Similac hospital bags

    Interested in: Mothership (Canyon Paisley?), Alpha (Blue Chocolate), Loom Bandicoot

    ~Connor's Mom~

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    Default RE: Maureen,

    Me too Michelle! I was going to hold off on getting one until my birthday in September, but I saw a woman wearing one walking into BRU Friday afternoon. I chased her down and checked out her bag. She said she loved it. It looks big and roomy, but not as big as the Mothership and much more flexible and soft. After I saw it, I ran right to my computer and ordered it immediately. Could this be THE medium-sized bag I have been searching for? :)

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    Phoebe Guest

    Default RE: How do you like the red bongo t2 pee wee?

    What is the stp website? Where do all of you find these great sounding bags? Most of them, I've never heard of! I'm most curious about Loom, Chester, Sweet Tulip and Jen Jen.

    I thought I had something unique with my Petunia Picklebottom, but I get the feeling that one is for amateurs :)

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    Default RE: List your bags!

    I have ;)

    *Chester toddler tote
    *maclaren backpack
    *I'm still me large tote
    *Current lands end little tripper
    *Older lands end little tripper
    *Oldest lands end little tripper LOL
    *Lands end do-it-all newest design
    *Lands end Oldest style do-it-all
    *Lands end deluxe bag, the B-I-G one LOL newest style

    I also have a few older perego bags that used to "match" strollers, i'm talking mid 90's here age wise :P

    I have a new Skip-Hop that should be here sometime this week and i think that is it but you know i'd have to go look through my big bag of bags to be totally sure }(

    ~Pamela Mom Of 3

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    Default RE: How do you like the red bongo t2 pee wee?

    STP is

    Here is a thread that has some sites that carry some of the high end bags and sites for the diaper bag co themselves. Never heard of Jen Jen but Chester and Loom are covered here. I know that has Sweet Tulip and some other high end bags too.

    Happy Shopping!

    Mom to b/g twin high schoolers!

    People show themselves not by what they say but by what they do

    Our happiness or our unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of life than on the nature of those events themselves. -- Wilhelm von Humboldt

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    mlewis Guest

    Default RE: List your bags!

    Okay, my list is sooooo short compared to the rest of you, but here goes.

    Black Kecci bag
    WW Elizabeth tote (on the way)
    Kalencom bag
    EB small tote

    Haven't sold anything! I'd really like a WW Katie Bucket, but we'll see if a co-op comes along!

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    Default RE: Maureen,

    > Could this be THE medium-sized bag I
    >have been searching for? :)

    LOL Maureen, that's the age-old question, huh?

    Here's my current list (I don't know why say current, since I never return or sell anything...). These are in the order of most frequently used:

    Skip Hop Diaper Bag in Black
    1154 Lill Kelly Bag
    Timbuk2 Metro Mini Messenger (using a lot this summer)
    1154 Lill Diana Diaper Bag (longer day trips w/ no DH)
    Dobre Goods Bambino Bag in Washington Square
    Timbuk2 Medium Bag (overnight travel)
    Jane Fox Baby Buzz bag (I can't find it anymore, but it is a great wool winter bag that I got on clearance from Garnet Hill)

    Bags I'm considering:
    1) Holly Aiken Olive Green Aiborne Bag - does anyone have this? I love olive green, but I'm opposed to the vinyl...
    2) Escape Pod

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