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    Default RE: Can I just ask - is anyone interested in a Co-op type thing...

    I just responded.. :)
    Danielle, Mom to Alex, 12.03.01 and Brian, 7.27.03

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    bethdg1 Guest

    Default RE: Can I just ask - is anyone interested in a Co-op type thing...

    I would like to buy one for my neighbor who envies my Mothership....

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    Default RE: Yikes!

    ditto to Lisa. As a creative professional from an advertising background that helped build brands, I used to buy only brand name drugs until meeting dh. He is an internist and got me into buying generics for the reason stated above- the active ingredients being the same, although the packing materials are different. Some work and some don't.

    Not to open a can of worms...but having lived in India (this is close to my heart), I have to say that child labor is a BIG reality for a lot of poor families that have many, many mouths to feed. The Crate and Barrels, Pottery Barns are importing Indian products- some made in these factories. While they may not want to on principle, it may be hard to keep track of every stage in the production cycle. The other side of the coin is the entry of multi-nationals in India that have affected local products. Thums Up a leading Indian cola has lost its market share to Pepsi and Coke. All in all, I think there is nothing wrong with healthy competition as long as the culture is not lost.

    As a designer, I understand the frustration of rip-offs, specially for smaller scale companies. I used to add a kill fee for my designs, if someone didn't buy them. While I knew the client could use them any which way they'd want, at least I was being compensated to a small extent. Oh yeah, I got ripped off plenty of times, before a friend gave me that suggestion.

    Brands or not... this BB has been awesome for helping me find cool dipe bags like Fleurville and WW, that I would have otherwise never heard of or bought. :-)

    Peace :-)

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    Default RE: Please stop!!!

    This world is absolutely full of knock-offs. Is someone who can afford Chanel sunglasses going to buy the ones that Wal-Mart that look like Chanel? Probably not (unless you are my frugal hubby ;-)). Is someone who can afford a Fleurville going to buy the one at Wal-Mart? In most cases, no. Does the typical Wal-Mart shopper even know what Fleurville is? No. I certainly didn't until I stared browsing this message board. It's ironic, actually, that there are such expensive bags talked about in length on a "bargains" message board, but I've loved learning about all of these designers that I'd never heard of. I see nothing wrong with competition (yes, maybe they shouldn't make their logo look so similar to Fleurville), and I certainly don't think Fleurville has anything to worry about. I can see more where a smaller company, such as WW, would have more to worry about, and I appreciate their concerns over someone ripping off their designs. Anyway, just my two cents.

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    I'm sorry if you felt I was "bashing" Canada. I wasn't. I probably should have said that not ALL Canadian pharmacies are strictly regulated (ETA: or they don't adhere to the regulations) - my mistake. However, I stand by my original statement - there have been many news reports about people buying sub-par meds from Canada (NOT internet pharmacies - they DROVE to Canada and bought them at B&M stores). That happens in every country - a pharmacist in the US was recently arrested for watering down chemo drugs. I simply tried to point out that people shouldn't have a false sense of security when going to other countries for their meds. As you understood me to be "bashing" your country, I obviously didn't communicate that well enough.


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    Default Can we seriously all please STOP!

    This post is driving me nuts!


    Mommy to Jonathan 7/27/01
    and to Baby Girl EDD 7/31/04

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    Default RE: Can we seriously all please STOP!

    Can I get an AMEN?

    Emily 9.24.03

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