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    jennycolman5 Guest

    Default $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    Please post, need help! What is a good option in this price range? Is there anything else besides Kate Spade, Coach, Longchamp, Prada, Burberry? I am looking for something functional and very stylish. Anything else out there????????? Thanks!

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    ktdid74 Guest

    Default RE: $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    I think Louis Vuitton and Gucci make diaper bags if your looking for "the name". I think there are probably plenty of diaper bags that are stylish and functional for a lot less :) I think more people rave about bags like Fleurville and Loom (which I consider high end ;) ) than they do about Coach, KS, etc. I love my Coach and KS purses but am not a fan of their diaper bags. Good luck--

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    Default RE: $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    Not a fan of the Coach dipe bag either.

    I HAD to have one with Sophie, and went all out. What I didn't know is just how incredibly heavy the Coach bag is even when empty. Once you fill it with stuff, it's a ton. And this was the canvas one - not even all leather!

    Also, the straps are *just* too short to fit over my shoulder easily.

    I couldn't get it to stay on my stroller, it broke Stroller S'wvlers like nobody's business and it didn't fit in the basket.

    I got a Vera Bradley to replace it and I'm sooo much happier.

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    jayali Guest

    Default RE: $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    I have two Kate Spade diaper bags and am not very pleased with them. The sizes just aren't right for me. The medium sized is too small for everyday and the large is too large for every day and not large enough for all day outing.

    I just bought an Isabelle Fiore (on sale, only paid $200) it seems like it will be just right for everyday. It is pretty stylish, looks just like one of her handbags, which I love. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Now that I have three high end diaper bags, I am thinking about gettign a Mothership and a Skip Hop. The Skip Hop seems like it is a good alternative for everyday and the Fleurville, while it looks like a diaper bag (yuck) for some reason I am drawn to the blue and chocolate.

    I am also thinking of getting Louis Vuitton tote and a couple of their little zippers to organize everything, but am waiting on those for right now. I will let you know how I make out with the Isabelle Fiore.

    My biggest advice is to get something with lots of pockets that closes fully on top. If you decide to go with a tote, then buy little bags that can fit inside.

    Good luck

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    Little Ladybug Guest

    Default RE: $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    If you want a Kate Spade bag that is a nice size and closes on top, I would recommend their "Roger" bag. I have it in the pink dot noel fabric (which I love), but now they are also making it in other fun fabrics like these:

    The Roger bag zips at the top, has much better organization than the traditional-style KS diaper bags, is a great size, and is not heavy. I simply adore mine - Its only drawback is that the interior is black, but other than that it's great. I also have a Houndstooth Mothership, which is great for long outings and travel, but a little large for everyday use, IMO. :)

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    Khralvarez Guest

    Default RE: $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    A friend of mine has the Longchamp bag (we're part of a Longchamp cult in Washington DC), but was very disappointed with it because it didn't close on top, and she said that as a result everything would fall out when she went to pick up the baby. So, despite being a fan of Longchamp, she did not recommend the diaper bag.


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    JustMare Guest

    Default RE: $250-$500 Best Diaper Bag?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my KS Roger bag!!! I have it in the black nylon and can't say enough good things about this bag!!!

    I was on a designer diaper bag search for a LONG TIME!! The high-end bags are heavy empty, let alone with a few bottles in them. Plus the fabrics are thick like luggage. Not functional.

    Kate Spade FINALLY designed a great bag with the Roger!!!

    I use this bag most then a Skip Hop for days when I'm walking with my stroller.

    These are the only two diaper bags I use and feel I need.

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