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    didi Guest

    Default SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    I am a first time poster, long time lurker...
    I am hoping to get some advice from you experts!

    I recently received an Alpha 7 (Blue Chocolate) as a gift.
    I had only used it a couple of times when I noticed that the plastic coating seem to be "bubbling" or separating from the fabric at the top of the main flap.

    I emailed Fleurville to inform them of the problem. I received an email back from "David" stating that they would replace it, but I need to send them my proof of purchase.

    The bag was given to me by a group of women that work at husband's ex-office (he recently changed jobs / offices...making it more complicated & awkward!). He checked with them...& of course the one who actually purchased it (she did so online) does not have a receipt.

    I emailed Fleurville (David) back informing him of this & asking if there was something else I could do, or if there was a way to repair it. A few days went response. So...I emailed AGAIN. And...still NO RESPONSE after almost a week!

    Today I decided to call...and, "David" answered! I explained all the above to him. I felt a little "blown off". Basically I got "There's nothing we can do.". No way to replace it, no way to repair it, nothing!

    I am sooooooooooooo bummed!!!! I am afraid to use the bag, I am afraid the problem will just get worse. Plus, it bugs me now & I know if I use it, all I will see is the flaw!!!

    Have any of you with this bag experienced this kind of problem? Do you know of anything I can do either to repair it or to keep it from spreading??

    I can't believe I have this great diaper bag & it's ruined!


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    NYSarah Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    I was really dismayed by their customer service too -- I was given a Mothership as a gift, and the changing pad is sewn incorrectly (the fabric was cut wrong, so there's a big section where it wasn't caught in the binding and you see the foam). I can't return it to the place it was actually bought (similar situation) so I called Fleurville -- who will not replace it! I have to buy a new one for $10!! That is the worst customer service response on a defective item I think I've gotten in my life!!

    Ironically, after all that, I bought [a href=""]this back-up bag from High Sierra[/a] for $18 (w/ free shipping) because the Mothership is very short on me (I'm 5'10") and I love it! It will work perfectly as a diaper bag, and the various pockets are much nicer than any I've seen. No insulated holder or matching changing pad, but, big deal. I will probably end up using it most of the time...and I could have gotten, what, 9 of them for the cost of a Mothership?

    I haven't written the Mothership off, I can see using it for day-long trips. But I have pretty much written Fleurville off after this!

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    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    WOW, I cant believe that they would do that over such an expensive bag...
    You know it may help if you call this David guy back...explain to him that you belong to BBB and you have posted his unwillingness to help...
    Maybe then he will help you???
    We all know that he wouldnt want to get a bad rap around here!
    Mom to DD (7/01), DS (3/03) and "brother" (7/08)

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    kensjen Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Yes, David is who helped me as well. I exchanged a bag that had a vinyl tear. They are very adamant about the proof of purchase. While I can understand that they want to make sure you purchased the bag new, recently, and from an authorized dealer...I still think they should stand behind their product.

    I have almost every receipt from the last few years, but of course I couldn't find the receipt for the diaper bag. You know, the one receipt that I NEED. I emailed and David basically said, sorry you have to have it. I couldn't for the life of me remember which online store I bought it from. Ironically, a few weeks later, I got some spam from the store, and seeing the name sparked my memory! (see, spam isn't always bad, LOL!)
    But I was ticked that I had to come up with it, it was a new bag.

    While I do appreciate that they gave me a whole new bag, I was less than impressed with the customer service. I felt like I was being such a pest...even though I spent a lot of money on a defective bag.

    I guess my point is, I totally understand. And I hope they will make an exception for you.

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    SteelerFan Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    I had a very similar experience with Fleurville--My sister bought me a Blue Choc. MS for my babyshower--used it approximately 3-4 weeks when I noticed that the bottom corners of the bag had the vinyl coming apart--I was really upset and emailed them: below is my correspondence with David from Fleurville:


    Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 11:48 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Mothership

    Customer Servive--

    I have a Blue Chocolate Mothership that I have been using for LESS than 5 weeks (my son was born August 9) and I noticed today that the corners of my side pockets and 2 corners of the bottom vinyl are getting holes in them!!! I am very disappointed in this--especially because of the amount of money paid for this bag and I'm writing to ask what can be done about this. I really love this bag and in fact, I was preparing to buy a Chocolate Cord, but I'm rethinking this if this problem will be occuring again. I understand 'natural wear and tear' on an object, but I would think that use of less than 5 week would not fall under this category!

    Please let me know what we can do about this problem.

    Thank you,

    Amy Gallagher

    and from David:


    Thank you for your interest in Fleurville products.

    If you have proof of purchase, we will replace your bag for a $10 shipping

    and handling fee.

    Thank you,

    David Reiss

    Fleurville, Inc.

    24A Tiburon St.

    San Rafael, CA 94901

    ph. 415/482-8510

    fx. 415/785-1662

    essential designs for modern parenting


    and then my response back because I was ticked off:


    Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 9:12 AM
    To: David Reiss
    Subject: Re: Mothership

    And could you please explain to me why this is happening? For the amount of money paid for this bag, I'd hope that the quality would be a little better. I'm very disappointed with the blase' response from your company--at the very least an "I'm sorry you've been inconvenienced...." would have been nice with the request that I actually PAID for this bag! I'm very seriously rethinking my decision to purchase the Choc. Cord and any future purchases from Fleurville.

    Thank you very much for your very precious time in this matter.

    Amy Gallagher

    and his reponse back:



    We are very sorry you are being inconvenienced.

    Iím not sure why your bag has the problems with the

    vinyl, but we will see if it is a manufacturing defect.

    If you would like your MotherShip Blue Chocolate

    replaced, please send it to the address below and

    put RMA# 16092004B on the outside of the box,

    and we will send you a new one.

    Iím also sorry you felt my response was blasť, as that

    was not my intention.

    David Reiss

    Fleurville, Inc.

    24A Tiburon St.

    San Rafael, CA 94901

    ph. 415/482-8510

    fx. 415/785-1662

    essential designs for modern parenting

    I had to call my sister in California and she had to go through her bank receipts to find the purchase--send it to me--I had to pack up the back and send it to them--which I PAID for--and I am happy to say that I did get a new bag back, but I had already ordered the Choc. Cord--and I noticed that I've been using this back for about a month and a half and I can see the vinyl problems beginning on the bottom...I really love the look and size of the MS, but I will NEVER purchase from that company again--sorry you're having problems--is there any way you can find the place it was bought at and ask if they have a purchase order? I guess with all the Ebay selling going on they are being overly-cautious, but it's at the expense of true buyers/lovers of their product...let us know what happens with him.


    I was very disappointed in their CS--I felt like it was almost like he wanted to make sure I could **afford** that kind of bag before giving me another--I don't know who he is, but his CS/personality is like a box of rocks!

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    AbbieF Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    I am so glad that you posted this message and so sorry that you have to deal with this. This is what ticks me off about the retail industry in general. I understand that a company wants to insure that their product is being purchased in legal ways, however a problem like you've discussed should never happen on such an expensive product,ever- IMO. You shouldn't have to be put in this type of position. So many baby products are given as gifts, and if they want to have a policy like this, then they should state it and always make sure that every bag comes with a gift receipt and a warranty/registery card- like a car seat. I find that a lot of baby merchandisers are so short sided, very much like the bridal industry. Many feel that you'll generally only buy one bag from them so how they treat you is almost irrelevant. I think the influence that this message board has is wonderful, and if mentioning helps then that's great. But what about all the others who don't subscribe to this message board? Why is it okay that this company should be able to treat them lousy? It is especially infuriating since Fleurville is a small co. started by a woman designer, who quite honestly should be more in touch with her product and their customers. My feeling is all products will have defects at some point, it just can't be prevented,but what you do about it is really the true test of your product and your company. Some will say that they had no idea that their employee took such a stance. And to me ignorance of how your business is run, is even worse. I know that you're looking to deal with your immediate problem and I wish I had some advice from you. But I can tell you what I've now decided about Fleurville products. Good Luck and keep us posted with how things progress.

    Mom to Maddie 4/17/04

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    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    WOW!! I'm sorry to hear about your problems with Fleurville. Can you request to speak with a manager? I would call them. Sometimes it is all too easy to be rude and blase' in email, KWIM?

    I am really disappointed with all I'm hearing about Fleurville's customer service considering how expensive they are.(PPB is NO BETTER-what is with these companies?!!!) It absolutely effects my decision to purchase one of their bags. I do not own one but have been curious for a while. I know at this point that I will not buy one new. If I do, it will be from a swapper or ebay, and that's a BIG IF.

    I really don't understand why a company selling a product that so frequently may be given as a gift would adopt such a crappy policy. What are they afraid of anyway? I'm going to email them to let them know what I've been hearing about their bad CS. I will tell them that I will not be buying any of their bags unless they plan to improve their policy and overall CS directly from their staff. I know that I don't matter at all to them, but I don't care. Maybe if more of us contact them with our concerns, they will get the picture and straighten up!(hey, a girl can dream!:P)

    SAHM to...
    Ryan 8/14/00
    Matthew 2/14/03

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    masetane Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Hmmm - I've emailed twice asking for help and have had no response yet.
    I snagged my Blue Choc Alpha 7 (yes, my fault..) and I was asking if they had any advice for a HOME fix. The hole is getting bigger and fabric underneath is dirty. I dont' expect a new bag, but an email with a suggestion would be appreciated. Right now, I just put some shiny tape on it. It's in teh back so whatever but I am not looking to buy another Fleurville anytime soon.
    While companies should stand behind their products, I understand that proof of purchase is helpful to them so they are not taken advantage of. Oh - its a fine line I don't know what to think really. All I want is a response and an idea about what to do with my bag at home!
    Isabelle 10/1/00
    Nicholas 2/27/03

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    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    I'm sorry you all have had such bad experiences with Fleurville, maybe someone should "tip off" a higher-up to this thread so they can see what bad CS can create...who knows how many purchases this might have affected.

    I wanted to add that Loom has amazing customer service! They helped me with an issue on a bag that I admitted I bought secondhand. I have since bought other Loom bags new, knowing that they are a great company for CS!

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    mysweetboy Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    I second what Amy said....find out where the bag was purchased online and contact them. I actually just had my Blue Choc Alpha 7 replaced b/c of a tear. After corresponding w/Fleurville customer service (David), I realized that I didn't have the receipt. I contacted the online vendor that I purchased the bag from and she faxed me a copy of the invoice. I know that this is a lot of trouble to go through but I think it's worth it to get the bag replaced.

    I hope that it works out and you get a beautiful new bag. :)

    mommy to Charlie, 6 months old!

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