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    fleurvillemom Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Hi Kelli!

    Thanks for your quick response! I haven't used a message board before and think it is so cool! I like the idea of stating the return policy on the hangtag. Of course we have to come up with the right policy first ;)! I think some sort of product registration could be the answer. That way to you don't have to keep the receipt after registering, and a gift giver would see that a receipt is necessary to register the product. I don't think a date of manufacture stamp would work because a great deal of time can pass (sitting in our warehouse, in a store, and at home waiting for the baby to come!) before someone starts using the bag.

    I hope you keep recommending our bags! By the time your cousin is ready for one, the new and improved version should be available in stores, and you will know to give her a gift receipt in case there is a problem, though I certainly hope she won't encounter any problems!

    Thanks for your help!
    Catherine, mom of Margot (6 months) and Kai (3 3/4years),
    founder of Fleurville (2 years, one month!)

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    SteelerFan Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Catherine--I, too, am very impressed with your post to us here--as you must know there are many diaper "crazy" moms who purchase diaper bags almost as much as they purchase the diapers to fill them. I am glad to hear that the quality issues of the bags are being looked into--as I had the vinyl tearing occur on my Blue Choc. MS (which was returned and replaced, thank you very much) and is also occuring on my Choc. Cord which I've only been using for a month or so--I have 3 children and my husband and I own a business so I have *NO* idea where half of the receipts of the things I purchase are--and there is *NO* way I'm dealing with digging through and turning my house upside down for a receipt and also having to deal with David to replace a bag that has obvious quality issues with the vinyl tearing--as so many women here have complained about. Is there any way you can add some type of I.D number on the bags--which would give the date that it was manufactored or something along those lines so you know that someone isn't just trying to trade an old bag for a new bag? Also, some of the new colors (as in the Choc. Cord) are very easy to know when the line was released--therefore you'd know it was a recent purchase, not someone trying to scam you. I understand that you know David very well and say he's a sweet man--the email correspondence I had with him left me feeling as if he wanted to prove that I could 'afford' the bag in the first place before he would address the issue of the vinyl tearing--and let me say that I've never gotten a response on that issue anyway. I really do like both of my MSs--they have a great look to them, I like the cover (with the exception of the tearing on both of mine) because I know spills happen, it's large enough for everything, etc--but the CS of your company and non-resolution of obvious bag quality issues has swayed me away from future purchases and steered my towards different companies that make me feel that I'm 'worth' something to them. (Leslie from T& L was wonderful--she took time to answer emails personally, etc) I understand with Ebay and Craiglist you have to protect yourself, but whatever happened to believing the customer was right first, honest, etc--making people feel as if they are trying to scam your company is insulting, although on the same line I understand your need to protect yourself. I wish there was some happy medium there...I've gotten many compliments on my bags--they are beautifully made--I really hope that the future bags are made better and quality issues are addressed immediately and with respect to your clients!

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to address the posts with us--it does mean a lot to us, I'm sure of that!

    2 DDs

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    fleurvillemom Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Hi Amy!

    I am so happy to have this message board brought to my attention! I have learned so much already, and I haven't even had a chance to look at other threads yet! I will tell David to look for a call from you about your Chocolate Cord bag. Since it has only been out a couple of months, there can be no issue about when it was purchased! You wouldn't believe what nightmares we have been through with ebay, and since David has been the one who primarily has had to deal with those issues, I can see it may have affected the way he interacts with customers. You can count on the fact that we are taking a closer look at that now that we have this information!

    Yes, the quality isues are definitely being addressed! No one wants these issues to go away more than we do!!!

    Thanks for your suggestions!
    Catherine, mom of Margot (6 months) and Kai (3 3/4 months),
    founder of Fleurville (2 years, one month!)

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    SteelerFan Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!


    I read a bit more of the posts and wanted to say that I thought the idea of making one 'register' after getting a bag is a great idea--like there would be some type of serial number on the bag or tag--and one would have to register the bag with your company--that way you'd get the month/year the bag was purchased for future problems, if there are any--and it would seem to cut down on people trying to scam you into giving them new (i.e. free) bags! Then if the bag was resold you'd know also because the person wouldn't be able to register the bag again...would that work?

    These boards have been a **Great** help to me in my journey through buying bags and strollers (much to my DH's dismay)--one can never have too many bags, can they??

    Thank you so much for taking the time to address our concerns--it really means a lot to us!

    2 DDs

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    SteelerFan Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    And I wanted to add that seeing the age of your children, I sure do hope you've got an MBUD to stroll around in! Although most of the MBUS/MBUD users are putting skiphops on their strollers--don't think you'd do that! LOL!A


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    lmariana Guest

    Default Hooray for a new Mothership design!


    Thanks so much for addressing all of our concerns so eloquently!

    It always helps to know there is a real person behind the products we buy. I am one of your largest fans and have owned three Motherships, two Alpha 7's, an Escape Pod, and a few wrist bags. In addition to your products, I have collected close to 100 diaper bags in a brief 9 months! So, I have a good idea of what I want in a diaper bag. :)

    I am excited to hear about the design changes for the Mothership!! In my ideal world, those changes would include:
    * an adjustable strap
    * less wide shoulder pad (removable too)
    * Hasta la vista Velcro, Hola magnets!
    * Nylon lined exterior bottle pockets
    * Sectioned rear interior pocket (too large in my opinion)
    * Pocket designed to hold an Escape Pod or Wrist Bag
    * Designated cell phone pocket on/around the strap
    * ID Card pocket (for metro card, health insurance card, business cards, etc)
    * Optional padded laptop sleeve
    * Zippered pocket (for itty bitty baby items)

    I really like the idea of product registration. If your product warranty information is on the tag, it is up to the consumer to return that card and ensure their warranty. That would solve the proof of purchase/gift issue. From a marketing point of view, I think it would be nice to see some people on your website! The bags are lovely enough to speak for themselves, but having a happy face on there gives a little warm fuzzy.

    Again, thanks for poking your head in here and addressing the concerns! I'm looking forward to buying many, many more of your redesigned bags in the future. :)

    Mother of Gabriel, 08/14/2003[/img]

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    mysweetboy Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Catherine, thank you so much for taking the time to post. I recently had an Alpha 7 replaced. Although some of the other posters have experienced problems w/customer service, I have to commend David for promptly responding to my emails and answering all of my questions. After reading other posts on this thread, I was very surprised that they didn't receive the same service that I did. My only guess was that he must have been very busy and just couldn't get to it b/c he certainly helped me very quickly.

    I also have to commend you on how fast I got my new Alpha 7....the turnaround was less than a week! I think it's a beautiful bag and am very happy to have it back, new and improved. :)

    Thank you!

    mommy to Charlie, 6 months old!

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    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    If someone does not have a proof of purchase, how about asking them to mail the bag to you to be inspected, or, ask them to email you photos of the problem.
    Hopefully you will be able to correct this, as customer service is VITAL for any business.
    Thanks for listening to us.
    Mom to DD (7/01), DS (3/03) and "brother" (7/08)

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    mom2mollie Guest

    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Just jumping in after reading all the back and forth on the Fleurville's -thanks Catherine for all the information and explanations! I've been back and forth on the Fleurvilles and can't wait to see the new versions. Also - kudos to Abbie F for getting Catherine in on our loop!!!

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    Default RE: SOOO Disappointed in Fleurville...looking for advice!

    Catherine, thanks for giving us some insight into the diaper bag world!!! Your post goes a long way towards my interest in future Fleurville purchases. I am really curious (if you even see this post) about your thoughts on the Dinatelli knockoffs of your bags? They have been a hot topic on this board and I would love to know what you think!

    Thanks again for posting! If you are looking for what real moms think about diaper bags, this is THE place to go.

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