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    whittyanne Guest

    Default Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    Well I think I've been more than patient at this point. I placed my Whimsical Wears order the last night of the co-op, got the confirmation from Kim and waited.

    I received an email from her over Thanksgiving confirming that it was late but she was working on it and that it would ship end of the week.

    Mid-December it still wasn't here, meanwhile my neighbor who ordered long had hers (she placed her order later in the night after me), as well as someone else I know on these boards. So I emailed Kim again and she said it was shipping that week. That was December 13th.

    Well I emailed her early January since I still hadn't gotten it - and she said it had shipped, but her husband mailed them with no delivery confirmation. She asked the PO and they said to give it up to 30 days.

    It's been well over 30 days now, so I've emailed Kim and asked for a refund and she's not responding to me at all. I keep trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and even now I'm thinking, "well maybe she's away and not on email" but I'm finding it harder and harder to be patient.

    I've read all the posts and know she is sick, and I completely feel for her, but this is really unprofessional. She's had my money since OCTOBER. I placed and order and trust when I sent her money via Paypal and I still have no bag.

    I can't help but feel like part of it too is that I'm a lurker, not a regular on these boards. My neighbor is one of the more frequent posters on here (who placed it after me) and she got hers with no problem.

    Anyway, at this point I just want my money back - it's a matter of princial. What should I do?

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    writeleigh Guest

    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    Hi. I have ordered a bag from WW before and had very good customer service, but I do know from other posts that some have had similar difficulty. Like you said, I know she is sick and I think the co-op orders overwhelmed her. On the other hand, she did take that on and has an obligation to either get the bags done or offer full refunds. I think it is reasonable for you to want a refund at this point. Sorry you're still bagless :(

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    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    Well, you either need a refund or a product--you didn't sign on to make a donation!

    We all understand what it is like to be sick, and we all feel for Kim. But this is clearly irresponsible. It is business, as money exchanged hands, and it needs to be followed up, with either product or a refund.

    I wish I had more advice. I wonder if there are others who still haven't had their orders cleared up? Maybe they can state what they are doing to rectify the situation. I would hate for you all to have to fight over it, but you do deserve what you pay for--or the money back.
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    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    Check your email, I sent you something.
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    jasabo Guest

    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    I agree with you - I'd ask her for a refund. It's not at all professional how she's handled this, which is sad b/c she offered great customer service when she first sold to us. She actually posted initially in response to complaints about bad Ella customer service which she said was completely unprofessional. She offered her bags as an alternative and promised great c/s, which she did have at first. So she must be pretty sick or something bad must be happening for her to completely slack off like this. Not that there's an excuse, IMO - when you run a business, the customer comes first. If you can't deliver, be honest and refund the money.

    I know how frustrated you must be. Do you have her phone number? If she's not answering her email, I'd try calling her.

    As for you being a lurker, I can't imagine that has anything to do with it. Kim didn't seem the type to do something like that. I think it's just the "luck of the draw." When she sold us our first bags in her first co-op, I was one of the "test subjects" and placed one of the first bag orders and I got mine very late in the game after others received theirs, and I post fairly frequently here. I just think she does the bags in the order that she receives fabric.

    Anyway, I hope you get this settled. Good luck.
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    debbiet. Guest

    Default Did you pay by CC or paypal?

    They can refund you....And handle the dispute.
    I have had "deadbeat" vendors and handled it this way.

    I went on the metrodiet, and cancelled first day.
    They billed me for a whole month and the cc company refunded/
    took care of this.


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    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    I haven't gotten my bag either. I posted last week wondering if anyone had heard from Kim as I certainly hadn't. I had emailed her almost a week prior to posting here. The next day after posting, I got a reply. It was very short, saying it will be mailed out on Wednesday and that she is feeling better. I really hope that is true, but it's hard to be sure at this point. I at least expected an apology for the major delay.

    I actually ordered three bags. My handbag was cancelled at the beginning of December. I wasn't very happy about that as it had been two months since I ordered it and I was so excited about it. I spent lots of time finding the fabric and designing it. The second bag came a couple of days before Christmas bascically because I really pushed as it was a Christmas present. The third has yet to come.

    I too am more quiet here and wonder if that is a factor. I've been really patient and nice, maybe too much. I understand that she had morning sickness but it is still possible to send an email to let her customers know what is going on. I wish you luck in getting resolution to this, one way or another.

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    Jen516 Guest

    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?


    As you know, I am not a regular here and though my bag was late, it was delivered eventually. Kim did email me and told me that she could not complete my order, and a few minutes later I got a refund from PayPal. I have to say that I was very disappointed that she could not finish my order, but I did receive a very prompt refund.

    I am sure Kim is not withholding your money on purpose. Is there any possibility she has not seen your recent emails? Is there a possibility she sent the bag and it is just not there yet? Can you request that she refund your money through a PayPal alert?

    Either way this stinks! I'm sorry you had a crappy experience. I was not thrilled with my experience but I have to say that I love my bag and get tons of compliments on it! I hope you gets yours (or your money) very soon!

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    whittyanne Guest

    Default RE: Whimsical Wears still hasn't come. What should I do?

    Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. I received an email from Kim late last night. She said she's been out of town on a family emergency which is why she didn't respond.

    She says it hasn't been 30 days yet, but it was December 13th so I'm writing her back to say it has. She also told me that once items leave her possession (get shipped) that she is no longer liable. So I'm assuming that means I'm SOL, which I find really unprofessional. I'm responding and will keep you guys updated.

    Leslie - I wonder if anyone else hasn't received theirs?

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    whittyanne Guest

    Default RE: Did you pay by CC or paypal?

    Deb, I paid via Paypal. I know I can submit a claim but I'm still trying to give Kim the benefit of the doubt.

    If it comes to that though, I don't have a problem doing it.

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