Okay, even though I have a million diaper bags and almost each one came with it's own coordinating changing pad, I really wanted one of these Patemm pads because of the large size & the circular design. It just seemed like it made so much more sense than the ineffectively small, more-for-looks changing pads that come with so many diaper bags.

I held out for a long time because I figured $40+ for a changing pad was a bit much. But I finally broke down & got one. Immediately after I ordered it I started having buyer's remorse. I saw some oilcloth tote bags at Target (the same material that the Patemm pad is made of), and the fabric was really thin. I started thinking that I paid WAY too much.

Well, it arrived today & I am really impressed and happy with it. (Granted DD isn't due for 3 weeks - so I don't know how it will be actually chaning a baby on it - but for right now, it really impresses me!).

It is double layered & seems like it has some light padding in it, making it feel much thicker & more like a quality pad than I was expecting. The edges are all stitched with the coordinating fabric trim & folding it is super easy. I didn't even need to look at the directions. I got the Large size with pockets & it folds up into a thick square. I was afraid it wouldn't fit into my diaper bag, but I think it will.

When it's laid out, it's almost as big as our Gymini Activity Mat! I wish the Activity Mat could fold up this small & have cool handles!! I got the green floral "Lola" design & it is so pretty I almost want to make this pad the Activity Mat & find a way to attach the Gymini arches over it so that I can look at the Patemm mat all day!! :)

(Happy with my Patemm!!) :)