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    bbagel Guest

    Default Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    Since I haven't been able to find the perfect diaper bag yet, I'm thinking of having one handmade. I've heard Redjenny500 (Construction for All) mentioned on this site, so I looked her up on eBay and emailed her. But 2 emails and 5 days later, and she hasn't responded to me at all! :( So I'm wondering if there other sellers anyone else would recommend who could handmake custom bags.

    Incidentally, if anyone could recommend a bag with the following specifications, that'd be great also! I like the brocade fabric, smaller sized "toddler" bags (about 10x12), convertible messenger/backpack, light colored inside lining, and lots of pockets & organization. Oh, and stroller straps would be great too, although I can live without that one if necessary.

    The closest I've found is OCC's small messenger bag, but they don't have convertible backpack straps. The PPB Boxy Messenger and the Kecci are both too big for me.

    Thanks! :)

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    adelynsmom Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    I don't have any suggestions, but I'm interested myself!

    If you find someone good, please post about it :) I have a OCC small messenger on the way, I can let you know how it works when it gets here :) They also makes a smaller tote that isn't on the website, I think sized 8x11.

    I think hand-making is the only way to go to get our toddler sized bags with the functions we need. Oh and I finally saw the PPB toddler bag and the supposed bottle pocket on the inside is so tiny, it wouldn't fit any of our sippies, totally useless!

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    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    You might want to look at M Avery Designs. They will make custom-made bags. And they offered a 25% discount to the babybags yahoo group members. Their website is
    I have asked them about doing one for me, but I've purchased too many bags lately so I'm holding off for now. You should really ask the babybags yahoo group members for advice because they all love bags there. I don't know as much as they do, although I'm a member. There are some great deals you can find too.
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    audball Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    I have a redjenny and she usually is pretty responsive - she recently had a second baby though, so maybe that's why there is a delay in responding? Anyway, depending on what you are looking for, I heard that ebay seller momoplace has incredible totes for toddler totes. I wish I had bought one of her bags earlier, but many folks have attested to the quality of workmanship on her bags.

    Re. smaller bag, you may want to check out the Babies R Us Kecci knock-offs (I think it's called Koala Baby). Not the strongest bags, but they are smaller in proportion to other bags and have pretty decent organization. And for $24.99, you can't beat the price! It's convertible, brocade (black or brown), but lacks the stroller straps...

    Another great small toddler bag, but not brocade, is the Loom Bandicoot. Again, not stroller straps, but it has an adjustable messenger/stroller strap that works with pretty much any stroller. Small but well organized.

    If you can get your hands on them, Bumble Bags used to make a smaller version of their Jessica messenger/backpack bag, called the Nicole.

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    bbagel Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    Thanks for everyone's input! I'm definitely checking everything out. :)

    Just a note about RedJenny500. She did respond to me tonight, and told me that her computer is infected with a really bad virus. That's why her response was slow, since the computer is now on the fritz. Ahh.... mystery solved!

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    kcolton_5 Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    There is a wonderful company, based in Newburyport, MA, called Anna William, that does custom bags. I've seen them and they are gorgeous! Made from a beautiful selection of fabrics, you can custom-design your bag. Prices are reasonable, and you are guaranteed you won't see another bag like yours!


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    hapahaolegirl Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    She is suppose to be really good and she has 100% feedback!

    Her ebay site:

    I've emailed her before about her bags and she is quick to respond and very nice to work with.



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    bbagel Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    So I got a hold of RedJenny500 and told her I'd like a custom bag like the PPB Boxy Messenger, with convertible backpack/messenger straps, as well as the other specifications I mentioned above. This is her reply:

    "Regarding the bag: I can do sewn-on backpack straps and a convertable shoulder strap, the back exterior pocket for a changing pad, the longer cover flap with a pockets (velcro or open), and approximate 10x12 dimensions.
    The bags I make are soft-sided though, and won't have the same boxy look as the PPB's."

    So sounds like the backpack straps will NOT be removable, while the shoulder strap is removable. When I wear the bag messenger style, wouldn't it look weird to have the backpack straps hanging out? I've asked her for clarification on that point.

    Also, when she says her bags are "soft-sided" and not as "boxy" as the PPBs, should I be concerned? Does anyone have a messenger bag from RedJenny? I don't want a messenger bag that's so floppy that if it's only half-filled, it'll flop over and not stand on its own. Any thoughts?/

    Thanks! :)

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    audball Guest

    Default RE: Recommendation for custom handmade toddler bags?

    I think when she plans on making the back exterior pocket, she is probably going to make it large enough to hold the straps in a folded position (when not in use). So even though the straps will be on top of the bag, hopefully, they will be out of the way when tucked in the pocket (you should probably clarify this with her :)!). I think what she is talking about is probably similar to the Fleurville Alpha 7 bags and the Loom Bandicoot - the straps tuck into the rear pocket.

    Her bags are VERY soft...if you want the bag to stand up on it's own, she would have to add a stabilizer and possibly "double-up" on it, since she tends to use heavy cotton fabrics. I have one of her messengers/stroller bags as a stroller bag add-on to my stroller. I posted a review of it earlier:

    If the bag weren't filled, honestly, it wouldn't stand up on it's own at all. Her measurements sounds like she is making a slightly larger bag, but remember that an A7 is like 12"x12" it sounds like hers may be small - not too bad as an additional bag or stroller bag, but if it's your primary bag and you pack quite a bit, it may be challenging to fit everything!

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