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    Default Bumble Bags-What is the difference in Jessica vs. Kimberly?

    It seems like the dimensions are almost identical-are they the same inside? Does the Kimberly have an outside cell phone pocket? Are they available in the same prints?

    I'd love to see in person, so I might make the trip to DC one day to a boutique, but they only have the Kimberly in stock. I've mainly read about the Jessica, so I wonder if they are close enough or should I just order online?


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    Default RE: Bumble Bags-What is the difference in Jessica vs. Kimberly?

    I just received my Jessica, and although I can't vouch for the Kimberly, the Jessica SEEMS as if it would be a fair bit bigger inside (that it might open wider, etc.).
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    Default RE: Bumble Bags-What is the difference in Jessica vs. Kimberly?

    I just bought both of these bags because I couldn't decide, so now I have them side by side & can maybe answer some of your questions.

    The Jessica seems bigger to me IRL. I think they are about the same size, dimension-wise, but because the Jessica has the messenger flap that covers the front exterior pocket, I felt I could fit more in that front exterior pocket so it was more useful to me than in the Kimberly.

    The Kimberly is designed exactly the same as the Jessica. It has a front zip out changing pad (that is removeable), 2 exterior front pockets (inside the zip out area). The interior is exactly the same as the Jessica as well. The Kimberly tote has a plastic zipper closure that actually unzips all the way so you can really open up the bag quite wide. The shoulder strap is done in coordinating print fabric which is different than the Jessica messenger. The Kimberly tote shoulder strap seemed a bit wider and maybe I just wasn't used to it, but it felt a little funny to me. But I did like that it was done in the same print fabric, it added a nice touch.

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