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    Default HELP! Looking for a large diaper bag for twins and toddler

    I need to get a very large diaper bag for the twins I'm expecting in april plus I have a 16month old toddler. I had purchased my last diaper bag from WW (whimiscal wears) but she closed down her business. I am devastated because she made beautiful quality diaper bags.

    I could really use help as to where I can get another nice bag....

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    Default RE: HELP! Looking for a large diaper bag for twins and toddler

    Right now, my favorite bag is the Lands End Do It All. I've tried lots of bags, and so far this is the only one that can hold everything I need for my twins and still keep it all organized and easily accessable. It's VERY big and well organized. The straps fit over my stroller handles and it's very comfortable to carry too. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the look - I'd prefer a more fun fabric. But I've decided that functionality wins out over appearances right now. The price is great too. It's a tote though, so if you prefer messenger or backpack style, it may not be for you.

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    Default RE: HELP! Looking for a large diaper bag for twins and toddler

    I wonder if the Posh Baby bag would work. It looks huge--and very stylish.

    I believe that one of the WAHM websites is selling them for 20% off. Someone here will know. : )
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    Default RE: HELP! Looking for a large diaper bag for twins and toddler

    I think you'll need a laarrrrgggee bag -- while it may not be the most stylish option, I agree with the PP about the Lands End DIA.

    It is very well organized and opens wide so you can see things quickly (which sounds like an important asset in your case). Also, it is pretty much indestructible, which is a great thing with a toddler around, LOL!

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: HELP! Looking for a large diaper bag for twins and toddler

    IMHO I don't think you'll need a HUGE bag for everyday use. My girls are 13 months apart and I ordered the Lands End diaper backpack, which is HUGE and holds everything! I found that after a month I was tired of carrying around such a huge bag and didn't use all of that wonderful space! It is very organized and I've kept it for occasional use.

    I'm going to insert here that I realize you'll have one more baby than me!! LOL! That really just means a few more diaper though.

    So, I think you need to decide what style bag you need: messenger, backpack, shoulder tote...then choose one that is medium sized with LOTS of organization.

    I LOVE my ju-ju-be PackaBe (, which is a very nicely organized backpack and have been looking at their Be All for all day trips over the holidays (messenger style).

    Other bags that may work for you include the Lexie Barnes Superstar (, the Fleurville mothership (some people wouldn't dream of leaving home with this bag, but it was too big for me)...hopefully some other people will have suggestions too. This is just my opinion!!

    The Yahoo baby bags group has great gently used bags for sale all the time - you could try out a few then sell them if it turned out not to be what you need!

    Good luck and have fun shopping!

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