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    livepink Guest

    Default Ju Ju Be Packabe vs. Bumble Madeline

    I have been racking my brain over which bag to purchase. I currently have a Sling Tote and a Chester Backpack. I have also had 5 other diaper bags that I have sold because the were not getting used. I love my Chester and would like another backpack. I especially like how I can put a cosmetic bag in the front pocket to carry my personal stuff.

    Please, please give me some advice on which bag you have and why you love it or not love it.


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    stellasmommy Guest

    Default RE: Ju Ju Be Packabe vs. Bumble Madeline

    I love my Bumble Bag Madeline! I have one and my mom has one. It has these great straps that allows the bag to hang off the stroller and then when I'm not using them I just tuck them inside.
    It's a real lightweight bag and I love the fact that it's so easy to clean.
    A mommy in my daughter's class has a Ju Ju Be and I just don;t think it's as nice. It doesn't look as special.
    I'd go with a Bumble Bag!
    Stella's mommy

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