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    Default Which SKIP HOP bag hould i get?

    I just had my third baby so I was wondering which bag would accomodate for my 3 kiddos ages 4, 2 and 3 weeks. I already own the "duo" and its quite tight as far as room in the main storage area.
    What would you reccomend? I love the style of the Skip Hop Bags but Im afraid I may have outgrown it.

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    Default RE: Which SKIP HOP bag hould i get?

    Congrats! Skip hop makes 3 styles- the duo (you have that one), the expo (same as the duo but the bottom unzips to expand) and the dash (messenger-style). Honestly, I don't think any of them will be much bigger. They all seem to have about the same amount of storage space- the dash has more horizontal space while the duo and expo have more vertical space, but overall the space is about the same IMO (although if you need something just a bit bigger than the duo the expo does expand). It may be time to go up to the next size in a diaper bag. Maybe a timbuk2 messenger bag? Or a land's end do it all?
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    Default RE: Which SKIP HOP bag hould i get?

    I think it depends a little on how you pack the Duo. For example, I don't fill the main compartment because I hate digging for things, so I call it full well before it really is full. If you're like that you may find the Dash has more usable room. The Expo may have a bit more interior room, but some of the exterior pockets are sacrificed to make room for the zipper. If you really do fill the Duo, then you're probably right about outgrowing the Skip Hops, at least until your load lightens a bit. But can I just say, I'm impressed that you're packing for 3 in the Duo! I'm hoping I can manage 2 in it!

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