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    Default Sugestions for a double stroller attachable diaper bag?

    Hello everyone! I've been reading through the board and wow! There SO many diaper bags I had no idea existed! I am looking for one that can be attached to a double stroller ( I have 18 month old twins) and had run across a site that mentioned the skip hop diaper bag but it didn't mention if this was a posibillity. And after reading through I'm not sure it's a good bag for me? Any suggestions? I really need something I can somehow clip to my strollers and that would hold enough for 2 toddlers- say 4 diapers, wipes, some snacks, 2 sippies, 2 t-shirts, some baby tylenol, the essentials.
    Thank you for any advice! And Happiest of New Years!

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    Default RE: Sugestions for a double stroller attachable diaper bag?

    Here are some suggestions. I have all 3 and they would all attach to a double stroller. I also am able to fit enough for a 8 month old and 2 31/2 year old in all 3. The Skip Hops are less expensive, the Darling in the middle and the Sling tote the most expensive of the 3.

    Fleurville Sing tote, Skip Hop has the Duo, Dash or Expo & Lexie Barnes Darling. They are all great bags.

    If you are looking for a place to order I would highly recommend either:

    Jen at

    or Michelle at

    They both are BBB mommies and carry all 3 brand and excellent customer service.


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