Thanks, Beth, I mean Elizabeth :)

I've never had a a problem with it being mispelled. While I know Vivien Leigh spelled it differently, I think the norm is "Vivian" and it's usually only mispelled by people who just plain don't know how to spell it, not because they think it should be with an "e".

Edited to add: When I do have to spell it, people usually get confused because I'll say "v-i-v-i" and after the second v-i, they'll say something like, " I got the v-i" and I'll say another "v-i" and they get all flustered. But quite frankly, it's just about spelled like it sounds. When we put our name on a list, we just say "Jeff", my husband's name. :D

I have to say as a kid, I knew no one but adults with my name so I thought it was an "old-timey" name (I'm 30 now). Now at work, there are 2 other people names Vivian (but they're still much older :)

Only certain people who know me well and that I've acknowledged it's okay call me "Viv". I don't like it too much when someone assumes it's my nickname and uses it (like my boss}() . And it's only used by my friends, not by work colleagues (unless we're really good friends) But I don't generally like it to be used in a business setting.