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    Default Here are some of the nice things that I liked about our Ped's office

    I cut and pasted this from my original post on the BB board before Tristan was even born but thought this could help others:

    The do not have a "sick baby" holding area vs "well baby" he gave me a reason that sounded good and I have not retained that reason, but he spoke confidently of it and they recently relocated where they could have constructed the waiting area anyway they wanted and did not change to do this so they must be confident with the decision. BUT here are some things that sold me...

    I never would have known what to ask if it were not for you all..but was awakened by many things that I never would have asked but was thrilled to are a few

    This practice encourages you to come to them and does not punt you to the ER, in fact since they are across from the hospital they'll hep lock etc...there and send you over to be admitted if needed.

    They have Saturday and SUNDAY hours!!!!

    There is no phone get a live person when you call

    If you've been up all night with the child they have "walk in" appts first thing in the morning 8:30-9:30 you don't even need to just show up in the lobby...

    Their office does not close at 5:00- or 5:30 they stay until the last sick child is seen...

    There is no typical "answering service" in the evening, when you call you get a nurse!!! she is not a gate keeper if you want the doctor she pages him/her directly.

    They go to both Rex and Wake Med...our two largest hospital in Raleigh.

    There is a new trend where Doctors are charging to return calls after hours...they do not do that!!!

    They give you a rather large medical reference book too

    I just thought he was super dooper...I asked him a quetion about the Amby Hammock and he is actually researching it on line and going to get back with me to see if it is a product worth purchasing.

    He was the Chief Resident at John's Hopkins...

    I am just thrilled...and wanted to post those extra things to think about for folks...

    Their number is 881-9009 -they are known under "Carolina Kids". My Dr is Dr Nechyba...

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    Default RE: Here are some of the nice things that I liked about our Ped's office

    My good friend just had her baby and is seeing Dr. Nechyba. Her baby had to go back to the hospital this past weekend for high bilirubin. She said that she loves Dr. Nechyba and he's very supportive of her. I'm really glad that I told her about Neve's and Lisa's high regard of him.

    Proud Mommy to Martie 4/6/03

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