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    mama2be Guest

    Default Independent adoption

    I think this is what we are going to do. There is a gal who has adopted several Ukriane children and I think we are going to use her for a small fee and do this!!!

    I'm looking for two little boys Tristans age and up :)...
    Anyone else do this route...

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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default RE: Independent adoption

    Wow, Neve!

    China doesn't allow non-agency adoptions so I don't know if that's the norm for the Ukraine. Personally, that sounds scary to me but I have absolutely NO experience or references at all about it. However, feel free to ask away about every nuance of China adoption, LOL!!

    Good luck, they'll be very VERY lucky little boys and the T-Meister will be an awesome big bro.

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    mama2be Guest

    Default RE: Independent adoption

    Thank you for your kind words-

    Actually I've spent all day researching this now :)...gosh I'm obsessive!!!

    But this gal Cathy Harris has helped over 900 children get adopted and I got about 20 of her folks testamonials...with more if I asked, these came instantly.

    But the amazing thing is the 2nd one I opened lives near me!!!! and she gets together monthly with 5 other families that have gone thru this gal.

    So I have just started a coorespondance with her too...she has adopted two boys at one time!!!

    I so wish Ruslan a boy on a site from Yuona was meant for me though...I feel like I have had suffered a loss of some sort knowing another family (a great family from what I have heard so i am happy for him) is getting him!!!

    How is everything going with Mia...I know you are thrilled, WOW you all are close with her arrival :)...

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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default RE: Independent adoption

    Neve, you can never obsess too much about international adoption. Just ask my Land's End tote that weighs a good 20 pounds with binder full of paperwork. We won't even get into the number of computer files I have.

    Now that we're so close, I wouldn't trade a minute of this crazy ride. I can say you'll be amazed at how similar it is to pregnancy, hopefully without the weight gain.

    It sounds like you've found a fantastic facilitator AND support group. They'll be an amazing resource for you.

    You can obsess by email to [email protected] anytime.

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    mama2be Guest

    Default RE: Independent adoption

    You are an angel...thank you!!!:)
    That is a great way of looking at it, it does resemble pregnacy doesn't it :)...
    So does the running around the country for 2-4 weeks =labor...hmmm!!!!:)....
    Thank you!!!

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    Default RE: Independent adoption

    Neve I just wanted to say I think this is awesome for you guys! You are a researcher at heart so I think this is all par for the course and it sounds like a great service with all of the great references you got.

    I know diddly about adoption but just think that it is a wonderful thing to adopt a child (versus a baby but please know I mean no offense to anyone that adopts a baby) since they often get looked over. I said to DH the other night that if we ever adopted, I would want a 9 or 10 year old since I think they really get the short end of the stick.

    Anyway, I think it is a beautiful thing and T will be a wonderful brother to the babes!
    Mom to R and R

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    Default RE: Independent adoption

    Neve, my neighbor behind me adopted a sweet Ukranian little girl (aged 2) last year. Jordan is now 3 and we went to her birthday party last week! :) Anyway, if you want, I would be happy to ask her who she went thru and if she has any advice--if that would help. I would be happy to--or even if you have specific questions. Unless it would just add to your confusion, LOL. Let me know!

    I also wanted to add that I think what you're doing is so wonderful!! :)

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    mama2be Guest

    Default Maureen

    I'd love to know "who she went thru"...whoher facilitator was and if it was independent.
    She'll probably know what this means if you ask
    "Oleg or Cathy Harris" if she did independent...
    I'm trying to decide but am leaning towards Oleg-I bet she'll know what that means :)...

    Thank you all for your support...I suspect I'm going to need it a lot over the next few months :)

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