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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default Any Ukraine news, Melissa and Neve?

    I hope the research/paperchase is going well for both of you. Please keep us posted!

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    NEVE and TRISTAN Guest

    Default RE: Any Ukraine news, Melissa and Neve?

    You are sweet to ask...I sure hope all is going well you!!!
    I had tried to respond to your previous note when someone told me you were kind to ask, I had forgotten my password so sorry about that.

    I have nothing major to add to our adoption process...we have hired a SW, facilitator, gotten letters of Steve's employemnt and our 3 letters from friends- and have spoken with numberous nice folks who have shared their expereince and emailed with many people. WE BOTH (and that is the big news...becasue there was a time where Steve had me "my folders" on the computer and I found he clumped all of "my stuff" like cloth diaper info etc... all under "my folder" marked ADOPTIONS!!!! So a true heart to heart happened so I was certain he was on the same page as I was and that I was not taking this on without his blessing to the fullest. We have both since realized that we really do think that we have two children "out there" in this world waitng for us all to find eachother.

    With that said, things are evidently changing at the NAC in Ukraine (new admin new rules etc...), and our facilitator has just had a stroke (but doing well and due to return to work)...we want our children to be Tristan's age and the more I look into this we will be lucky if we get children under 4. So I am starting to wonder if we should wait a year or two. The interesting info I hear over and over is that your child might not be "avaialble" one day (even if they are 5 or older) due to "paper work" lack of signitures etc... and then could be the it's not like if you traveled earlier that you would get the same child just younger...because they might not have been available during that time even though they have lived at an orphanage for years. Does that make sense? Hard to explain. But everyone says if they didn't have a glitch they wouldn't have had the child that was meant for them, a child that might have just become available that day...

    Anyway we will know shortly, we fear Steve being on a contract (though long term) could effect our finances that plays a huge part (the biggest part) in it as well to be honest....

    ANYWAY...I have so much info to add to my thread about the Ukraine. I highly encourage anyone wanting info to go to that thread because the energy to email all of that info to anyone wanting it is not in me...but if I put all of my tid bits of info there I have a stream lined place where folks can benefit from some of my leg work-it is all so intimidating and overwhelming...

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    Default RE: Any Ukraine news, Melissa and Neve?

    Thanks for asking!

    We still haven't finalized our decision yet. We definitely feel called to adopt a child. I don't think we are quite ready yet to abandon thoughts of a biological child as well. So we are at an impass, so to speak. We aren't sure yet if this is our time but we do know that there is a child (or children) out there that belong in our family. The big question is where they are and when they will come and join us. I read posts everyday on an Ukranian adoption group in hopes that the inforation shared helps lead us to our decision.

    Again, thanks for asking =) As soon as I have news, I will share :)
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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default RE: Any Ukraine news, Melissa and Neve?

    Neve, so glad to see you back on the boards! What a blessing Steve is now on-board for the adoption. Now that we expect our referral call TOMORROW, Robert is all ga-ga over the whole thing. He was supportive before, now he's excited, and I fully expect he'll be in love tomorrow when we get her picture.

    I totally understand what you mean about getting the child meant for your family. There's a Chinese saying the adoption community has taken as its own: An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.

    Melissa, I've been meeting with a new friend who's very interested in Chinese adoption but isn't sure if this is the time. They haven't attempted to conceive and feel no deep drive to do so. However, they also worry that if they wait too long to TTC, they may lose that option. She uses me as a sounding board and a place to get books and a fun Q&A time at Atlanta Bread Company and I get to spout off on my current favorite subject. Like you, Melissa, she reads several of the Chinese adoption boards and keeps up with what's going on. It's been so interesting watching her move through this decision.

    Melissa and Neve, I firmly believe your red threads will lead you to your children in their own place and time.

    I can't wait to share my little red thread with both of you!

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    NEVE and TRISTAN Guest

    Default OH KIM!!!!!

    We can't wait either!!! what an exciting time for you...I bet you won't sleep much tonight!!! I didn't realize you get the referal've made my week!!!! Please share the great news the second you hear!!!!
    Our thoughts are with you and DH...and I will always remember your red thread story and quote you!!!
    Big hugs!!!
    AKA "mama2be"-forgot password
    and Baby Boy Tristan born @UNC
    Feb 25, 2003
    Brother to 3 pups "gees" and 2 kitties

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