a good response when someone posted about blogging and journaling.
I almost tucked this under the Ukraine thread but it could involve so many others and didn't want to hide it there...

We used blog-city.com for our journal. We have our own website, but
we linked it to our blog-city page, so that we could update it from
anywhere if we couldn't get access on our laptop. As it turns out,
most of the time we were able to get access on our laptop, but not
all the time so it was good that we did it. Also, it will keep
track of how many hits you get on your journal which is kind of fun -
in a month's time we got something like 17,000 hits.

If you have to use internet cafes and want to upload pictures, it is
best to burn the pics on CD if you have a CD burner, this is the
easiest way to upload at the internet cafes.

My advice is to use this service or one like it, then you don't have
to worry about having special software to edit it. Blog-city is
free for journaling but it costs a few dollars per month if you want
to add pictures. I hope this helps!!

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