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    Kimberly H Guest

    Default One year ago today...

    One year ago today, we received the call from our adoption agency and I heard the words I've been waiting for all of my life... "you have a beautiful daughter!"

    We got the call at work, surrounded by my teammates, who calmed me down enough to call my husband and get him over to my desk to hear the news. Then we downloaded Mia's picture to a loud chorus of "awwwwww..."

    In honor of today, that same passport-sized referral photo is the background of my computer at work and I sent an email to my old work team remembering this day one year ago and their part in our joy.

    Words can't express how blessed we are to have Mia in our lives. She is everything we ever dreamed of, and more.

    On that day, one year ago, we had no idea we had not only gained a daughter, but an entire extended family to cherish, connected by our children and the two weeks we shared on the other side of the world. Our travel group means Mia has 15 other families and "sisters" who are forever a part of that time, and hopefully, her future.

    I just finished re-reading the post I made here announcing our referral and the HUGE welcome and support we received. Thank you again :)

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    ismommy Guest

    Default RE: One year ago today...

    What a wonderful sentiment. Thanks for letting us share your journey with Mia.
    BTW I have always wanted to say I love the forever mom in your sig line.
    mommy to Isabella
    baby x EDD 1/11/05

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    hjdong Guest

    Default RE: One year ago today...

    I can't believe it's already been a year! Happy referral day!

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    Default RE: One year ago today...

    Congratulations on having such wonderful memories and a beautiful daughter. It seems like you wait forever for your child and then time just flies by. I am sure that when she is a little older, she is going to love hearing her story.
    ~Connor's Mom~

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    malie Guest

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    Wow has it been a year already. I guess it must be since next week it will be a year since we got the call that Luke was finally ready to come home.

    Isn't it wonderful how adoption opens your life up to a huge community of people who bless your life and who you might never have known otherwise.

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    Default RE: One year ago today...

    How wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

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    Congratulations. Gosh, I can't believe it's been a year already!!


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    pritchettzoo Guest

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    Happy referral-versary! :) Your post made me cry.

    Mama to Gracie (Sept '03)

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    Default RE: One year ago today...

    Wow, I'm late Kimberly - but your post gave me goosebumps! Congratulations on the anniversary of Mia's referral!

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