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    Default Need some advice for friend

    I am a regular in the lounge but have never been over here before. I am hoping some of you might help me help my friend. She is currently in Kazakstan in the process of adoption. Her little girl is 16 months old and a gorgeous, happy toddler. My friend is a bit concerned because she isn't talking yet. My guess is that living in the baby house there with other young children and not alot of adult intervention may have something to do with the delay. She is one of the older children there-they will keep them there until age 3. Reportedly the staff is very warm and engaging with the kids.
    Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience. Any stories or thoughts are hugely appreciated. TIA
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    Default RE: Need some advice for friend

    From what I know and from what several people I know who have adopted internationally have told me, it is somewhat common for children adopted internationally to have some level of developmental delay, especially if they are older before being adopted. It is also more likely for a child to kind of fall behind when living in an orphanage situation (where many children are being cared for) vs. a foster home (where maybe 1-2 children are being cared for). I have read estimates as high as 1 month delay for every 2-3 months in an orphanage. Obviously, it is not every child or every situation, but it happens a lot.

    That said, barring a more serious problem, they tend to flourish when given more direct contact and, perhaps, some EI. Personally, I would have your friend contact EI for an evaluation son after they get settled into their home. If possible, try and get someone who either speaks the girl's native language or who is familiar with adoption-related delays.

    Just do a little goggle under "international adoption and developmental delays" and you will see how common they are and how, for most children, they bounce back fairly easily. Congrats to your friend on her new little girl!

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    Default RE: Need some advice for friend

    Traci-Thank you so much. This is what I was thinking. I will forward to my friend. I am actually hoping she will check in here and see it and all the other info here as well. Hope you are great!
    Barbara-mom to Jack 3/27/03, a Red Sox fan
    and Anna 5/12/05, my little Yankee fan!

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