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    Default What do I pack for domestic adoption travel ???

    Hi, I'm trying to pack a travel kit for domestic adoption, and I'm looking for advice on what to take. Clothes, blankets, bottles, formula, and diapers, of course...although how many of each for about 2 weeks? Would I be better to buy diapers there?
    Do I take a stroller for a newborn if I'm also taking a sling? I have a couple of Emmaljungas with bassinets which would also supply her a place to sleep, but they are heavy and taking one might make travel with a newborn and all the luggage more awkward. I don't want to depend on hotel cribs though and travel bassinets don’t look like they are meant for putting in a suitcase. Someone suggested I line a drawer with a blanket – but have you ever smelled some of those drawers?
    I don't have a referral yet so I still have some time, and planning the trip is helping to pass that. Since I’m choosing to be gender specific I may have a long wait. I’ve already fallen into the overshopping trap (SO much fun!), so I might as well be as perfectly packed as I can be.
    Thanks for any help you can give me

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    I realize you posted this forever ago and I had read it quickly (way back when) with the intent of getting back to you, but never did it seems. I hope you read some of the advice on the sticky the Fields have at the top of this folder.

    Have you received your referral yet? How are things going at this point?

    If you'd already fallen into the shopping trap (which I did too -- you're right, so much fun!), then you've probably got the nursery completely ready too -- am I right? I did! Even though we weren't gender specific, I created a gender neutral nursery that I loved and both DCs now seem to really like too. Also, it gave opportunity for other family members to contribute handmade items in the same colors/theme as they chose. I'm glad, too, that DH and I didn't miss out on the fun of painting the nursery -- our oldest now delights in noting that Mommy and Daddy painted the nursery for them and who in the family made what it the room for each! These are special moments!

    As for packing... I created a packing list for the trip and modified it ad nauseum over time. On the other hand, it helped me to get organized and really think about what to take and how much might be too much, depending on where and when the baby would be born and how we would travel. (There were fall throughs before our first came home.)

    Yes, babies really do need far less than we initially try to pack for them. I would include a few extra little t-shirts (kimono style or onesie style) and sleepers as they will live in these and you don't really want to be negotiating laundry in the hotel with a newborn more than necessary. A few really good swaddle wraps and receiving blankets are great to have on hand too. A few burp cloths will be useful for more than just spit-up. Also include at least one really adorable outfit to take along to dress the baby in when you leave the hospital and for pictures.... don't forget the camera!!!

    Other than perhaps one can of formula and one pack of diapers, I'd hold off on these items til reaching your destination. Formula does have an expiration date and you never know which the hospital will choose for the baby if you don't get to do that yourself. Also, the baby may have to switch formula early on, so don't stock up right away. Diapers and formula are readily available in most parts of the country, urban or rural. Target, Walmart, SAMS, Costco, grocery stores, all have these items in stock. You can start with a pack of baby wipes or use dry wipes. Even if you plan to make your own, I'd take something disposable for the trip.

    I'd recommend only a few (3-5) bottles for the trip. You can really invest in a lot of bottles from any given mfgr and then find that the baby doesn't do well with those bottles (no matter how good/expensive) for some reason. Also, you'll want to not have a slew of dirty bottles around the hotel room to wash, so keeping up with them as best as possible will really help. Don't forget to pick up a small bottle of dish washing liquid when you shop for the diapers, wipes and formula. Also, some Purell (or whatever brand) gel and wipes for all sorts of sanitizing (hands, surfaces, etc.).

    For sterilizing, I highly recommend the Medela Micro-Steam sterilizing bags that come in a box of about 5 as I recall. They can be re-used several times (more than noted on the box) and are easy and space saving. You'll just need a microwave, which you'll want in your room anyway.

    As for the bed, I think a SnuggleNest would probably fit in a suitcase or duffle. The sling and car seat will serve for naps at times too.

    I hope some of this is helpful, if not too late. Let us know how things are going....

    -- Joyful Mommy!

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