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    Background-I am working and pumping right now. Daycare has instructions to give Formula if the breastmilk runs out (has not happened yet.) We have provided them with milk-based formula. On occassion, no more than 1X per day, we give him formula.

    Daycare will provide SOY Formula (Similac Isomil) if we want. I believe b/c of allergies they do soy. Would it be bad to allow them to give him soy? Eventually I would like to give him soy as a cost savings to us. I would love to not need to buy formula for Daycare once I wean.

    Our supply of home formula is getting low and am wondering if I should buy soy and start the transition, but I don't know if I should wait until I am done breastfeeding.

    Any thoughts?

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    We started with Soy formula when my DD was about 3months. I breastfed her and used the occasional formula bottle for nights out with babysitter. I weened DD at 5months because she waking up 2-3times a night hungry and my breastmilk didn't seem to be satisfying her. At that time she was on milk based formula. DD would spit up a lot and seemed to be overly gassy so I switched her back to soy. No problems on soy. I did switch her from Similac soy to Emfamil soy because she was getting very constipated. My doc said soy was fine, she thought the gassy/constipation problem may be due to DD's body not being able to break down the cow milk protein.

    Hope this helps!

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    Simmilar to what jbeamer mentioned, we figured out at about 8 weeks that my BFed DS couldn't process those so very complex cow's milk proteins either!! Due to that fact we had to toss my frozen EBM stash - OUCH. So we've always had to have a formula backup too, and soy's been fine for us. I'm down to two breastfeedings a day now, so he's getting mostly formula. It's possible he's been finding it mildly constipating, but nothing problematic.


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    We started my daughter on formula almost right away because my milk never came in properly. Since I am vegan, I wanted her to be on a soy formula, but the Isomil made her constipated. We switched her to Alimentum and she has been fine. Last week we started mixing the Alimuentum with an organic soy formula and she has been fine. Since she is older now, 3 months, her digestive system must be more mature. We are planning to switch to all-soy in another month maybe.

    Not sure if that helps, but...


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