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    mstea Guest

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    I have a two year old that will not stop breastfeeding. He doesn't want to eat regular food. All he wants to do is nurse. I have tried to not to breastfeed him, but he still will not eat. All he does is cry. The doctor told me he will eat when he gets hungary, but I feel four days is to long. Please Help!

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    MomTo3 Guest

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    I will try to offer help to you in the best way I can, from personal experience.

    My ds is 19 months and is an extended breast feeder as well. I used to frequently worry about his eating habits only because his two sisters ate very differently than him. I realize now that he is just different. As all babies are. If the doctor has examined your ds and found him to be healthy...he most likely is. You are his mother of cource, and you know him best. If you felt he wasn't thriving then another trip to the doctor would be DEFINITLY recommended, in my opinion.

    What kinds of foods have you offered? A few that my ds will not refuse are:

    diced peaches
    scrambled eggs with cheese
    Toddler sized cubes of cheese
    diced green beans
    diced soft carrots, soft peas, and tender broccoli
    crackers with peanut butter or cream cheese spread on them

    Does your son have his molars? My ds LOVES diced apples!

    Also, I would recommend (if you haven't done this already) offering him additional small healthy snacks or meals throughout the day. Sometimes toddlers like to graze. Or it just may be that he is being offered food when he is not really hungry but infact tired (which was what happened with my ds).

    Also..from one EN'er to another, just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! Breastfeeding your ds for as long as you have, has probably only been beneficial to his health.

    Hope this may help,

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    mommy22 Guest

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    My daughter nursed for a year and showed no signs of giving up until I resumed the Pill. My doc said it changes the taste and quantity of the milk. She quit nursing 3 mo. later & went straight to cups:7

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    MomTo3 Guest

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    Mommy22, are you suggesting she start on a pill? In order to force her baby off? Hmm...with that type of advice you should at least specify which pill it is that you had consumed while breastfeeding! Geeze. x(

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    mstea Guest

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    I started with the few snacks a day. Thank you. It has helped a little. He still cries to nurse all day. Even whn we are at play group. He will not eat any meat at all, very little veggies.
    I want to thank you so much for your help.
    Thank you!

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    heva Guest

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    I believe Mommy22 is referring to oral contraception (AKA "the pill").

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    It sounds like he's really not ready to stop nursing! I think it's great that you're nursing him. One book you might find helpful is Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. You'll find that it's quite normal for a two-year-old to nurse (everywhere but in the US, where our nursing statistics are just terrible). It's a very helpful and reassuring book, and offers some insights about weaning when you and he are both ready for that. Another place to get support about extended breastfeeding is on the EBF forum at . There are lots of women there who extended-nurse, and they can be of help to you.

    Mom to Abigail Rose

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    MomTo3 Guest

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    I know what pill she was referring to but she could have been more specific... as some women are unaware of "the pill". Especially since there is only one pill that I know of that is safe while breastfeeding.

    Anyway, thank you Rachel for listing that info. My son (20 months)has suddenly taken to nursing ALL DAY LONG again! LOL. He seems to not want to eat very often. Less than before. I will have my husband pick up that book for me!:)

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    mstea Guest

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    Thank you for replying. I feel like I am all alone. Everyone thinks I am crazy to still be breastfeeding. But that is all he will take right now. I guess he isn't ready to eat food yet. Thank you for the information. I will check them out. thank you!!treva

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