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    kyriae Guest

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    I have a nine week old baby boy that was born premie and in the NICU for two weeks. He is now fine except for feeding. He was not able to BF due to his hospital stay and we have had problems with formula. He pukes up most of his feeding, is always extremely gassy, very fussy, and hardly ever sleeps. And when he does sleep it is for very short periods of time. The doctor has switch his formula twice already from Enfamil Lipil to Prosobee and now we are on Lacto Free Lipil. What else shoudl we try?? This is my third baby but the first one that was not mostly BF so I do not know else to try? Any suggestions would be so helpful.

    Thanks Jenn

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    jbeamer Guest

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    My DD was coliky. I actually found an herb that I rubbed on her belly 3times a day and with in a week she wasn't coliky anymore. I only use it now periodically if she if very gassy. The herb made her digestive system relax so she wouln't get gassy and bloated. It made her pain stop. Since then I have seen in natural stores colic water which is similar and small tablets for colic. (melt instantly in babies mouth, we use the teething ones right now). The tablets are made by Hylands, you can also find them on the web. I also had a friend tell me to put a small piece from a peppermint candy in their bottle. Peppermint settles the stomach. As for the formula, DD has been on both similac and Enfamil. We finally chose Enfamil prosobee Soy. This has made her the least gassy and least constipated. She has done great on it. I know within both of these brands there is a specific type for sensitive/allergic babies. I will look and see if I can find the name. Also try massaging the belly in a clockwise motion to settle the stomach.

    Sorry if none of this helps. I feel for you. We were in the same situation and it is very hard. Hang in there!


    I found the name: Enfamil Nutramigen
    one other thought, DD did better on ready made formula until her body got used to it and then we switched to powder.

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    newmom01 Guest

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    I have been going through the same problem. My son was born very small also... I am useing Carnation Good Start, which is suppose the be the easiest for babies to digest. I also use mylecon for gas. At first the mylecon was making him constipated so we took him off of it but the Dr. insisted we use it again and it has work wonderfully!
    My Dr. also put my son on 1oz 1/2 water 1/2 apple juice a day and that has really help with him have BM's.

    Little guys and gals have a hard time in the beginning getting their tummys to work - the Dr's all say they will grow out of it but it is a trying time until then!

    Good Luck with finding a good formula and I hope little one is well soon!


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    jillie Guest

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    Unfortunately, even our trusted pediatricians cannot be relied on for unbiased advice on formula at all times, since every single hosptial is being paid to promote certain types...I had to find this out the hard way, but I would recommend to ANYONE beginning to use formula to start out from the beginning using Nutramigen...yes, it's expensive, but is the most tolerated by's what most doctors finally recommend AFTER a parent has tried all the others. I really think you won't experience all the bad reactions and it really seems to make a baby the most comfortable.I wish you all the best!!

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