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    My 11 day old daughter was originally latching on well and feeding approx 20 mins per breast. Unfortunately my milk did not come in right away and my pediatrician recommended supplementing with formula after feeding from the breast - which is still continuing to this day. Now my daughter latches on rather hungrily at first but after 5 minutes of good sucking gets really lazy, loosens her latch and eventually falls asleep or takes herself off the breast. Then, to make things worse, she is having difficulty napping - I think it's b/c it is easier to take from the bottle than the breast but we limit her bottle to 1 1/2 ounces of formula after a feed. I also think the reason her latch and sucking have changed is b/c it's easier to get something from the bottle vs. the breast. Any suggestions for what I can do to improver her feedings and get rid of the bottle?? HELP! Thanks.

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    Stop using the bottle and feed her from the breast only. If you have to supplement, use a cup or the finger feeding method.

    My daughter would fall asleep after a few minutes of nursing, and we would have to blow on her hair, or tickle the back of the neck, to get her to wake up and suck some more. Nursing her would take 45 minutes to an hour, that's just how she ate. She was small and the breast was big, and it was so tiring to her. :)

    You need to get her to nurse to get your supply built up. Every ounce of formula that you give is an ounce of milk less that your breasts make.

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